How To Deal With Being Sick

1) If you are well and truly sick, why are you reading this post? You definitely should be going to the doctor, or at least resting in bed. Probably surrounded by tissues and juice/tea

2) Make sure you keep hydrated. Dehydration will only prolong your illness.

3) If needed, take off from work or class to rest. You won’t be helpful to anyone if you’re sitting at a desk sniffling. 

4) Wear your comfortable clothes. No need for suits and heels, sweatpants will do just fine.

5) Get outside for a little while if you can. Fresh air always helps.

6) Make sure you stock up on medicine/items that you need. Even if you don’t use everything during the duration of your illness, it’s a good idea for the next time. 

7) Start taking vitamins. Always an excellent idea if you don’t like being sick.

8) Get as much rest as you possibly can. Sleep is a great thing, especially if you’re sick.

9) Just be lazy. I don’t mean neglecting everything and everyone, but make sure to relax and get better.

10. Being sick sucks. There’s no way around it, it does stink. Take a load off, take medicine and relax. You’ll get better soon.

Any other tips for dealing with being ill? Let me know. 


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