How To Deal With Being Sick

1) If you are well and truly sick, why are you reading this post? You definitely should be going to the doctor, or at least resting in bed. Probably surrounded by tissues and juice/tea

2) Make sure you keep hydrated. Dehydration will only prolong your illness.

3) If needed, take off from work or class to rest. You won’t be helpful to anyone if you’re sitting at a desk sniffling. 

4) Wear your comfortable clothes. No need for suits and heels, sweatpants will do just fine.

5) Get outside for a little while if you can. Fresh air always helps.

6) Make sure you stock up on medicine/items that you need. Even if you don’t use everything during the duration of your illness, it’s a good idea for the next time. 

7) Start taking vitamins. Always an excellent idea if you don’t like being sick.

8) Get as much rest as you possibly can. Sleep is a great thing, especially if you’re sick.

9) Just be lazy. I don’t mean neglecting everything and everyone, but make sure to relax and get better.

10. Being sick sucks. There’s no way around it, it does stink. Take a load off, take medicine and relax. You’ll get better soon.

Any other tips for dealing with being ill? Let me know. 


I Am A Feminist (And I’m Not The Least Bit Ashamed To Be)

Happy Monday!

fem·i·nist, feminist: noun
1. a person who supports feminism.

But what is the definition of feminism?

fem·i·nism, feminism: noun
1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Based on those definitions, I am a feminist. And I am not ashamed to be one. But if someone had asked me if I were a feminist back when I was 15 or 16, I would of denied any relationship with the word.


Because to me at that time, it meant being a “man-hater,” an activist, someone who was assertive or demanding. Someone who wanted to be better than men, or to make them seem obsolete. It’s clear to see that at that time, I had no idea what it truly meant. I’m happy to say I know better now.

I am a feminist because my rights should be equal to men. I shouldn’t have to work twice as hard to make less. I want to be a mother someday and I want my children to feel safe and proud of who they are in the world.

Because I am a college student who has been told that when I travel abroad next semester and get verbally or even physically harassed, I should just let it happen. Because I’ve been told that it’s common in that culture

No one would dare say that to my male counterparts. But to me, as a woman?  Well, sweetie, I guess it just happens, you’ll have to learn how to deal with it.

I shouldn’t have to walk in fear to my house every night when it is dark, or feel compelled to call someone, anyone, on my phone just in case something happens. I have to clutch my keys in my pocket, and remember the self-defense moves I learned on the Internet, just in case.

I am a feminist. And while I used to be ashamed of the word, I am no longer so.

And if you have a problem with it, that’s fine. I’d be more than happy to discuss certain ideas with you.

But please know that I am not planning on changing my ideas anytime soon. I am proud of who I am. And I hope one day all women can be proud of who they are too.

Chapter 543: Questions

Happy Monday!

I know I’ve been gone for a few weeks, I had some personal issues I had to deal with, and that meant going offline a little bit. Fortunitely, those issues are beginning to get better, so hopefully I will start posting regularly soon.

I wanted to share a series of questions I typed up, and I wanted to get your opinions/answers to them! 

Here they are:

Is life a series of questions that we have no answer to?

Are we simply waiting for the end to come to help us understand?

What is it we’re supposed to do with our time and energy?

Do we just simply wait for something or someone?

Or do we take matters into our own outstretched hands?

Is it allowed to bite the hand that feeds us?

Or do we just eat what we are given without comment? 

Why do people always have to fight for something?

Cannot they not just let it go without an argument?

What is the point of fighting for something that cannot be won?

Is it pointless or building confidence for something in the future? 

Why do people always say to live in the moment?

And then moments later tell us to focus on the future?

Aren’t we confused enough as it is?

How is it possible to worry about the present and the future?

When all we focus on is the past?

Obviously, there’s no need to answer any of them, but if you want to, here they are.

Hope you have a great week. xxoo

Chapter 319: Waiting

Happy Friday!

I’ve been told I’m a “waiter”, meaning, I sit around and wait for things to happen. I let life pass me by, not chasing new opportunities. It feels like I’m sitting at a red light, constantly waiting for the light to change. But it never seems to change, it just remains red. Until now, because I’ve finally decided that enough is enough!

I’ve been planning to write a book/collection of short stories for a while now, and I’ve decided that there’s no better time to start than the present! So, off I go into the wild world of writing! Of course, I’d love if you came along on the adventure with me.

What do you think, would you like to be part of my travels?

Hope you have a fabulous, fun-filled weekend! xxoo

Quote Of The Day: “It is when we forget ourselves that we do things that are most likely to be remembered.” – Colton Haynes 


Chapters 289 & 290: What Do You Want?

Happy Thursday!

So, I don’t know what to write about. Nothing interesting or exciting is currently happening, and I feel like I’m boring you with the same topics over and over again.

Do you ever feel like you’ve hit a creative road block? Like nothing you write about will be inspiring or interesting for you readers.

So, my question is this: What would you like me to write about? It can be anything at all, food, clothes, daily occurrences, random things, etc. What do YOU want to read about?

Have a great week! xxoo

Chapters 282 & 283: Full Of Ideas

Happy Thursday, and for all my fellow Americans, Happy Fourth of July! *fireworks*

So, I forgot to post yesterday, but I went with one of my best friends to the fireworks! I’m pretty sure everyone I’ve ever met turned out, so there was a lot of hugging and talking about college. It was a little weird seeing former classmates, because I feel like I’ve changed so much over the past year, and we talked about old memories and people. It was a little nostalgic, but pretty fun! The fireworks were the best part though, even though it took us about an hour to get home!


But even when I was at the fireworks, I was thinking of ideas for posts I want to write. I was thinking about who I want to write about, and using my blog as a way to connect to my past. I know I’m not that old, but I do have a fair amount of memories that I could share with you all.

Do you ever feel like past memories overpower your new ideas? Past events affect your future plans? Can you shake off your past, or is it simply a part of who you are?

So, what do you think? Should I share old memories, or come up with new ideas? What would you do?

Have an awesome weekend! xxoo

Chapter 276: Challenges & Insert A Witty Title Here

Happy Thursday!

I’m honestly beginning to resent the titles I’ve used for the past 26 posts or so…they’re repetitive and boring, and I’ve grown quite sick of them. I still love the challenges though, so I don’t resent them, just my own laziness to come up with witty titles. 

Anyway, onto the challenges (*insert fanfare here*)

First up, the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, of which today is Day 27! Man, only three more days to go. 


The challenge is (*drumroll*): “Post Your Favorite Recipe”

Holy guacamole, I have so many! I can’t pick just one.

Um, first up are my Mom’s recipes for Chicken Soup and Peach Kugel (She makes them mainly for the Jewish holidays, and they’re amazing!). However, due to lack of digital copies/family secrets, I’ll be keeping them a secret for now. But trust me, they’re delicious.

But here’s one recipe I will share! I’ve never actually tried it, but I’ve been meaning to! It looks amazing, and quick. It is….MICROWAVE BROWNIES!


It looks extremely yummy, and I can’t wait to test it! 

Day 27 is now Completed!

Next up is the New CHallenge, of which it is the near end. Today is Day Nine, so it’s at the end now!

The challenge is (*more drumrolling*): If you had the choice between the last names Butts and Pecker what would you take?

The inner 12-year old just giggled reading this. With my name being Samantha, I’d probably choose Pecker. It’s not too terrible of a last name, I guess. Samantha Pecker…not too bad! Much better than Samantha Butts (I just giggled again writing that)

So, Day Nine is Completed! 

What’s your favorite recipe? 

Have a great week! xxoo

Chapter 274: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 25 & New Challenge, Day 7

Happy Tuesday!

I’m currently watching Senator Wendy Davis (Texas) conduct a 13-hour Filibuster, and while I’ve been watching her speak, I have seen how brave people can be when standing up for something they believe in. She’s extremely inspiring and motivates me to work hard for what I believe in as well.

Moving onto the 31 Day Challenge now, of which today is Day 25!


The challenge is “My Five Favorite Blogs”.

Damn, this is a challenging one. I follow so many amazing bloggers, and I feel that it would be simply impossible to pick only five. I think it would be unfair to so many other wonderful bloggers, so instead I’ll turn the question to you. 

Who are some of your favorite blogs? 

Day 25 is Completed! 

Onto the New Challenge, of which is today seven! Wow, only three more days 😛 

The challenge is: When was the last time you said “that is just my opinion? ” Was it necessary to label a thought as simply your own? Do you still feel that way now?

Oddly enough, I just said it while answering my the challenge question above. While I did not use those exact words, I did state that this is my personal opinion regarding the question. I feel that it was necessary to label the thought as my own, because my answer contradicts what the question is asking. I still feel this way, as I just discussed it. 

So, Day 7 is Completed! 

So, who are some of your favorite blogs? 

Have a great week! xxoo

Chapter 226 & 227: Old Writing

Happy Thursday!

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well, so I slept. I’m feeling much better though, thankfully! 

So, because I’m feeling a little nostalgic today, I thought I’d share more of my writing. This piece is actually a short story I wrote for my high school English class. It’s one of my favorite works, and I hope you like it! 

Also, what do you like to write about? I like to write about my life, the people in my life, dreams, and random thoughts! xxoo

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Cut Off Your Hair

She hated everything about her hair. She loathed its golden color, the pin straight texture, and the length. She couldn’t stand the length. Her hair trailed down past her feet, dragging on the floor behind her until she picked it up. Whenever Mother surprised her by bringing home a fashion magazine, she skimmed past the pictures of the long “beautiful” cuts, and went to cut out the pictures of the models with the pixie cuts, the “edgy” cropped hair, their faces on full view for everyone to admire. Mother always scolded her for focusing on what she could never do with her hair, and how people would do anything for just one look at it.  Every time Mother said that, Rapunzel always added silently in her head “no one was coming to admire us anyway.” For as long as she could remember, it had just been her and Mother in their tall tower deep in the forest. No one had ever tried to come see them, and she supposed no one wanted to. Who would want to see a woman and her daughter with the freakishly long hair?  

So in her tower she stayed, stuck with her stupid hair. It always was tangled, and because she did art projects when she was bored, the ends of her hair were always streaked with paint and charcoal. When she was a little girl, Mother caught her trying to color her hair brown with Crayons, and now she only could do art when Mother wasn’t in the tower. Just for once she wished she could move around freely without her hair knocking something over or getting snagged. Lost in bitter thought, she could barely hear her mother yelling at her.

            “Rapunzel…Rapunzelll…. RAPUNZEL! Snap out of it you silly girl!”

Rolling her hazel eyes, Rapunzel looked over at her Mother who was tapping her foot impatiently.

“Yes Mother?”

“I’m leaving to go shopping; I’ll be back in a few hours. Do NOT do anything to your hair alright?

Rapunzel sighed. “Yes Mother”

“Good girl! Well, I’ll see you in a little while!”

And then she was gone, her cloak slipping behind her. Rapunzel could never figure out how she vanished so quickly from the tower.

Looking around at her surroundings, she noticed a bit of empty wall space that she could paint with. Grinning, she grabbed her oil paints and ladder from a corner and scaled up to the spot. As she painted, her hair and face became smeared with the colors of her artwork. She was almost done when the strangest thing happened.

“THUD” A tremor swept through the tower. The floor shook; making the ladder that Rapunzel was perched on wobble.

“CRAP” she thought, “I hope I don’t fa-”

Then the ladder collapsed beneath her, her hair flying in every direction.

“HELP!” But her cry was unanswered.

And knowing that the floor was close, she closed her eyes to brace herself for the landing.

“OOF” What had she hit? It seemed softer than the floor, and she knew no other objects were around where she fell.

“Are you alright?” A deep voice said.

Rapunzels’ eyes flew open at the sound, and instead of seeing the ceiling; she saw a pair of brown eyes staring back at her.

“Hi, are you alright? I apologize for coming into your tower, but I needed a place to hide.” the voice said

“Hello, I’m Rapunzel, and it’s quite alright, thank you for saving me!” She replied breathlessly.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Oliver” And with the introductions over, he set her down gently on the floor.

As she stood, her hair trailed behind her. Oliver was looking at her hair with a odd look on his face.  She braced herself for the insults; she knew that it couldn’t be ignored.

“Rapunzel, your hair is the longest I’ve ever seen! And its’ color is like pure sunlight! But, have you ever considered cutting it short and dying it brown?”

“I know, I know, I hate my hair to-” She stopped as she heard what he had just said. “Cut it short and dye it brown?” Was her wish coming true?

He gave a wide smile, his brown eyes twinkling happily at her stunned reaction.

“Yeah, I’ve always had a personal liking for short-haired brunettes.”


Chapter 135, 136, & 137: Effort Justification

Happy Sunday!

Effort Justification: The finding that when people suffer or work hard or make sacrifices, they will try to convince themselves that is it worthwhile.

I came across this definition while taking notes for my Social Psychology class, and it caught my attention. I’ve always been interested in learning what makes people tick, what motivates their actions and thoughts. So this definition interests me in more ways than one. It’s a definition for so many actions that I’ve seen people do, and now I know why some of them have acted in a specific manner because of it. It’s just interesting to see if/how this applies to other people, and maybe even myself. It’s just another clue into the world of learning how people tick. Hope you all have great week!

createalife   xxoo