Chapter 319: Waiting

Happy Friday!

I’ve been told I’m a “waiter”, meaning, I sit around and wait for things to happen. I let life pass me by, not chasing new opportunities. It feels like I’m sitting at a red light, constantly waiting for the light to change. But it never seems to change, it just remains red. Until now, because I’ve finally decided that enough is enough!

I’ve been planning to write a book/collection of short stories for a while now, and I’ve decided that there’s no better time to start than the present! So, off I go into the wild world of writing! Of course, I’d love if you came along on the adventure with me.

What do you think, would you like to be part of my travels?

Hope you have a fabulous, fun-filled weekend! xxoo

Quote Of The Day: “It is when we forget ourselves that we do things that are most likely to be remembered.” – Colton Haynes 



40 thoughts on “Chapter 319: Waiting

      1. Isn’t it always a friend? Seriously, I wouldn’t change what I have done with my life…well…no, I wouldn’t, but I did not pursue what has always been a dream. And tempus fugit and all that. By the balls is how you grab it for your dreams. And don’t let go. Ow!x


  1. Sure I’ll come. Can’t beat a collection of short stories about life … or waiting at a red light that never changes … or deciding enough is enough … or just anything that’s good, and I’m sure it will be.


  2. I want to come with you! You will do great! You might as well pursue your dream rather that work for someone else. Wish I would have had the security/discipline that sticking to what you love expects. Only now do I understand that–63!


  3. embrystical

    I love being part of anyone’s travels! Count me in too! I was dwelling on this idea of a story based twenty years in the future about my old classmates, but I think it might not be that great. Thoughts? It’s only because I’m a right sucker for not being able to think up multiple character names unless I am on a creative high. Oh man, oh man, oh man, an artificial imagination sure does have it’s drawbacks!


      1. embrystical

        Yeah, well. I’m about to post a debate about it, so please give me some ideas…! XD I’m calling it a fake memoir.


  4. I’m with scottishmomus on this one (mind you – I did turn 40 this week, so feeling a bit more focused on this type of thing than usual 😉 ) You have bags of talent and time, so you really should grab it while you can. Good luck xx


  5. This is wonderful! I’d live to join! I feel like I’m a waiter too 😦 is live to join you on your journey and I hope you post extensively about it to let us all know how it’s going so that we can get some encouragement!


  6. I went to answer you and found what I was going to write in the first comment on this post. As Scottishmomus was suggesting.. Do it now or you’ll find yourself at 52 wishing you’d started well before you had. It’s how I’m feeling now.. It’s time to chase the dream.. not wait for it to happen.. You’re amazing for reaching that point so early 🙂


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