It’s The End Of The Year

Happy Wednesday!

It’s officially New Years Eve, and I am currently sitting on a futon surrounded by my friends. What more could a girl ask for?

Surprisingly, a lot.

New Years Eve is a time to reflect on our past year; both the highlights and the low points. But for the last six months, I’ve only been looking to 2015. And now that it’s finally here, I have no idea what to do with it.

People say that the new year is a time to make resolutions, but like most peoples’, mine will be broken before January is halfway over.

So I question the overall point of making resolutions that may not be kept, and instead offer this idea. Make your resolutions six months after, and see if they can be accomplished by New Years. That way, you can look back on the past few months with pride, rather than frantically rushing to come up with new resolutions the day before New Years Eve.

This year, I’ll be tipsily hugging my friends and calling my family to wish them a Happy New Year along with every other person across the world. In a few short weeks, I’ll be jet setting to Europe to study abroad in Italy for the semester. And in the fall, I’ll be beginning my senior year of college. So far, 2015 seems to be shaping up quite nicely, even without my own resolutions.

So to whoever you are, and wherever you’re from, I wish you a Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. And I look forward to blogging with you in 2015.



Chapters 460, 461, & 462: New Year!

Happy Tuesday! 

First off, I want to wish everyone a happy New Year! So far, 2014 has been fun, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

I also didn’t make any resolutions this year, which is a first for me. Instead, I made a few goals that I want to complete in a timely fashion. Yes, I know this sounds similar to making a resolution, but I like the idea of “goals” better.

My goals are to blog more (checked off because of this post, although I hope to continue checking this off), to get in shape, care about myself more (emotionally), and to love my family and friends more. Also, not to let the little stuff get to me, and to go out and explore the world.

That’s a lot of things, I know, but some of them will be easier to complete than others, so hopefully everything will work out for the best.

SO, what are your New Years’ resolutions/plans/goals/whatever the hell you want to call them?

Have an awesome day!



Chapter 342, 343, 344, 345 & 346: Learning

Happy Friday!

Thank you all so much for the lovely birthday wishes on Monday, they made my day and made me smile! Thank you so much 🙂

We learn new things everyday, wether it is about a friend/person you know, a topic in class, or something you simply learned by going outside and experiencing something!

Learning doesn’t only happen when you’re in school, or working on something in class. You can learn something from everyone and everything, just as long as you open up your mind to new possibilities and perspectives! 

You can also try to learn something new, it doesn’t have to fall into your lap randomly, you can make an effort to learn a specific task or skill, that may change or better your life!

For example, I want to learn how to link videos to my blog posts, so I’m planning to research the topic, and apply what I learned to add videos! Sometimes, research can teach you something extra, maybe more background knowledge on the subject!

Learning is something that is universal, no matter what background or region of the world, there is always something new to learn about and discover, just as long as you open up your mind and eyes to see and believe it!

So, what did you learn today? 

Have an awesome weekend! 


Chapters 335, 336, 337, 388, 339 & 340 : Week One

Happy Thursday!

As you can guess, I’m at college! Everything is unpacked (although not very organized), and I’ve already completed my first week of classes!

SO, because I didn’t post for about a week, I’m making sure this is a longer post!

Whenever you’re starting something new, whether it’s a new job, a new class, a new project, it’s always scary. Do you ever get that mix of excitement and nerves? It’s like a giant butterfly is fluttering inside your stomach, trying to get out. It’s not a pretty image to think about, but that’s what always comes to my mind when I think about nerves.

Some people aren’t scared of new things, in fact, they love them! Sometimes people are petrified to try new things, so much that they won’t try anything new at all! And some people are nervous about trying new things, but they buck up and try them anyway. 

I tend to think of myself in the last option, where I’m scared, but I try anyway. I feel like the more new things you try, the more things you might enjoy!

So, that’s the theme for this first week of college! I’m planning to try a few new things while I’m at school, and of course, you’ll be coming along with me!

How do you feel about new things?

Have an amazing weekend! xxoo

Chapter 319: Waiting

Happy Friday!

I’ve been told I’m a “waiter”, meaning, I sit around and wait for things to happen. I let life pass me by, not chasing new opportunities. It feels like I’m sitting at a red light, constantly waiting for the light to change. But it never seems to change, it just remains red. Until now, because I’ve finally decided that enough is enough!

I’ve been planning to write a book/collection of short stories for a while now, and I’ve decided that there’s no better time to start than the present! So, off I go into the wild world of writing! Of course, I’d love if you came along on the adventure with me.

What do you think, would you like to be part of my travels?

Hope you have a fabulous, fun-filled weekend! xxoo

Quote Of The Day: “It is when we forget ourselves that we do things that are most likely to be remembered.” – Colton Haynes 


Chapter 268: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 19 & New Challenge

Happy Wednesday!

As I continue to participate in the 31 Day Blogging Challenge, I’m also planning to start a challenge created by the awesome blogger An Opinionated Man! He created 10 questions that I plan to attempt!

But first up, the 31 Day Blogging Challenge! Day 19’s Challenge is: “What Do You Collect?”


I collect Swarovski crystals, candles, music, and books!

Only a few things, but I enjoy collecting them 🙂

And now, onto the new challenge! I’ll call this Day 1.

So the “Day 1” challenge is: Write a love poem and stop in the middle. Change the mood of the poem and see how it ends.

Well, I’ll try my best, it’ll be a short poem though!

I Love You Random Model

I love the way your eyes shine in the daylight

I love the way your hair falls over your shoulders

I love the way you smile and the sound of your laughter

If I actually knew what your laughter sounded like, considering the fact that you are just a random picture of a model I found one day in a fashion magazine. It was lying in the street, its’ pages soaked by rain.

I love the way you stare up at me from your glossy pages, looking like you’re having so much fun in your stunning clothes and showing off your toned body and flawless facial features.

But I guess you’re still beautiful to me, random model. Even though you’re from 1988.

Whew, that was interesting, and really fun! If you need a link to all of the new challenge questions, they’re here

So, what do you collect?

Have a great week! xxoo

Chapters 86,87,88,89,90 & 91: Unexcused Absence

Happy Monday, and also, Happy New Year!

As you can see from the title, I didn’t post anything in the past few days. I don’t have a reason for why I didn’t post a new chapter, and honestly, I don’t think lying to you or giving you an excuse would be fair. I was lazy, and I regret not posting anything.

But enough with the self pity-party, considering it’s now 2013, and a new year. Instead of making  of making a resolution that I’d probably break within the week, I decided this year to make a few wishes for what I’d like to do or achieve this year. One wish is to be able to travel more and see my family, along with having a few adventures on the way.

What are some of your wishes for this new year? I hope you all get to make them come true, and if not this year, maybe in the future!

As you can now see (or read), I’m back blogging, and I can’t wait  to hear your thoughts/ideas/rambles/words/etc.



Chapter 7: The (Not) Monday Blues

Welcome to the beginning of a new week! I hope it’s a great one for you all.

We’ve all heard the common phrase “Monday Blues”. It’s usually said with a melancholy look on one’s face and often accompanied by a lingering sigh.

Personally, I like Mondays’. Call me crazy, but don’t mind having to wake up on a Monday morning to attend classes. For me, Monday’s are a day that you get to look back and reflect on what you did over the weekend. Monday’s mean a new start to the week, with a range of outcomes and adventures in store for you.

So, how do you stave off the “Monday Blues”? Let me know in the comments below.Image