Chapters 301 & 302: Late Night Thoughts

Happy Tuesday!

So, do you ever have thoughts late at night that you just have to write down so you won’t forget it? That happens to me often, so I’d thought I’d share one of my late night thoughts with you!

They say if you love someone/something, you should set it free, and if it/they return, it was meant to be. But how long should you wait for it/them to return before you call it quits and move on? Setting something free isn’t easy, but sometimes it has to be done. So what happens after? Nothing is forever, but waiting for the perfect moment can seem like it takes forever.

And what if they return into your life, at an inopportune moment? What happens then? Do you let them back into your life, or set them free permantently? And if they’re free, does that mean you are as well?

So, that was one of my late night thoughts!

What do you think?

Have a great week! xxoo


12 thoughts on “Chapters 301 & 302: Late Night Thoughts

  1. If you set them free, then you are both free! However, if thy return in at a time where you are happy and ‘not’ free and getting on, then really you should cut all ties and move on. You managed to move on without them in the first place, therefore you obviously didn’t need them in your life. BUT, if you are free and you are both mutually attracted after that parting, then why not – sometimes things need time to evolve and people need time to explore and grow before picking a path! That’s my take on it πŸ™‚


  2. MikeW

    Best answer I can give is, if we develop our hearts into the best person we aspire to be, that is, the kind we want to be with, then our heart will know the sort of person we are looking for.


  3. We all suffer from this problem. I have waited years for loved ones to come around. The best thing to do is to not think somebody else will make you happy, but find your own happiness within (prayer, meditation, whatever works), and then, if you can tolerate being patient, be willing to share your own internal happiness with the one for whom you wait, when they finally come around. This is the theme around which great novels are written. Maybe the novelists started with a blog?


  4. Perhaps you over think it and you should go with the flow and see what happens. No point planning for things that may or may not happen. Unless it’s a high five, you can look really silly if the other person doesn’t reciprocate.


  5. srennick12

    Interesting late night musing, but very valid. It’s a great thought to bring up and you present it in a way that is very relatable… hmm… how long is long enough? I’ll be wondering about that all day now πŸ™‚


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