Chapters 303, 304, 305 & 306: Insert Title Here

Happy Saturday!

I apologize for not posting since Tuesday (whoops), but I’ve just been working all week! Although last night I did attend a Yankees game (they were killed), and today at the beach, my sister’s lunch was eaten by seagulls. So I guess those are two exciting things.

Sometimes when I think about writing a post, I feel like I need to report about something new or exciting that’ll interest you all. And then I remember that what might interest me, might not interest other people! I sometimes feel like this blog is in a relationship with the audience. And considering I’ve never even been on a date, that’s a pretty scary thing.

Then I guess I wear the virtual “pants” in this relationship? I choose to write each post, and I do decide on when it goes up. But you also might wear the “pants”, because you choose if you want to like and comment on this post! Man, relationships are difficult! 

I just realized that I’ve been rambling on, sorry! Sometimes when I start typing, it’s hard to stop.

So, how do you feel about the “relationship” between a blog and its’ audience? 

Have a great weekend! xxoo

16 thoughts on “Chapters 303, 304, 305 & 306: Insert Title Here

  1. Ha, love the “virtual pants” theory. That’s a little story in and of itself, so … good post. 🙂
    A blog and its audience … hmmm … I guess like with any ‘relationship’ things go up and down, and we have to constantly work on it. I think honesty is very important. I get uninterested in blogs that do nothing more than promote or market a product all the time. Establishing a ‘relationship’ first is key, and hopefully one based on honesty … we share the good and the not so good.
    Oops, I’m rambling.


  2. Each blog is different. From the many posts that I have read of yours, the relationship seems to be that your post is a conversation starter, and then the comments go as they go.

    I was more intrigued by the comment, “Sometimes when I start typing, it’s hard to stop.” Sometimes, there is a lot of merit in a stream-of-consciousness post, where different parts appeal to different readers.


    1. Agreed! And that’s an excellen way to describe my relationship with my audience, I didn’t really think of that way!

      And hmm, if that’s the case, maybe I’ll ramble more often! 🙂 xxoo


  3. Hi I originally started my blog when I saw a friend is doing one and I thought it might be a good opportunity to share some on my articles I had did for a newsletter. I will say that with my blog at least some folks who respond with likes, whereas I never got any comments in the newsletter. And I have come to enjoy other folks blogs such as yours for thoughts and opinions and pictures that I would not think or see myself myself. thanks


  4. I love my readers! I think back to writing on my own with no input or support. I love reading the blogs of others, too. It’s fun to meet new friends all the time. I want to wear the yoga pants. You can wear whatever kinda pants you want. 😉


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