Chapters 284 & 285: Innocence

Happy Saturday!

Hope you’re all having a nice, and cool weekend.

Today I babysat for a four-year o me realize how special innocence is. They simply wanted to play outside and picked flowers. It was nice to just be outside and take a moment to relax.

What makes you feel calm and happy?

Have a great weekend! xxoo


12 thoughts on “Chapters 284 & 285: Innocence

  1. The very same thing actually. When I’m feeling too high-strung, I go over to my uncle’s house and let my younger cousins crawl all over me and make me macaroni necklaces and cards. You can’t help but smile.


  2. The beach, although I don’t get to go there as much, but I see how little kids discovering the world can be so beautiful. That sounds like a lovely afternoon for you.


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