Out of the Loop

Happy Tuesday!

Sorry I haven’t posted in the past week, I was sick.

Do you ever feel like you’re out of the loop? Like everyone around you has an agenda, and you’re stuck sitting at your desk? That everyone is filled in, that they know something that you don’t know?

It can be really frustrating, because sometimes, the more you try to get “in the loop”, the more out of touch you are with the current happenings and situations. It’s like when someone tells a joke, but you don’t understand the punchline.

What do you do to keep yourself informed and updated on what’s going on? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Have a great day!


I Want To Be WordPress Popular (Don’t You?)

Happy Friday!

Everyone wants to be liked, it’s simply human nature to want to be loved and liked by our peers. And sometimes we use different means to become liked, such as writing a blog that people read and enjoy.

But even if you’ve had some success, you’ll always want more, or want what you can’t have, simply because you feel the need to be more liked and respected.

Some people make blogging look easy, just type a few words about a popular subject, maybe add a cute photo or two, post and watch their notifications pile up. I sometimes wish that could be me, that more people would like and comment, and I know it’s a little s
elf-obsessed, but I feel that everyon, regardless has had the same wish sometime in their life.

Maybe the more we work to achieve this “popularity”, the less likely we are to obtain it. But it still would be nice, if only for a day.

So, what do you think about achieving success and popularity? I can’t wait to see what you have to write.

Have a great day!

One Of My Favorite Poems


I’m finally home for the summer, and thought I’d share one of my favorite poems with you to celebrate!

What is your favorite poem?

Let me know, and have an awesome day!


“What the Hour Hand Said to the Minute Hand”

By: Megan Falley


“At 7:35 A.M, you lay your tired body on mine
before peeling off, like a slow band-aid.

At 8:40 you sprint home and make instant coffee.

At 9:45 we finally drink it, cold.
I finish your leftover half.

By 10:50 you are already breathless.
I live for every time we overlap.

When 11:55 comes I spend the entire minute convincing you to stay. 
You never do.

By noon I put my hands on your shoulders and say, “Baby, 
you’re getting thin. All this running in circles and barely sitting down to eat.”

At 1:05 you tell me that while you were gone,
15,300 babies were born.

At 2:10 you don’t say a word,
just come in and kiss me for sixty seconds straight.

At 3:15 we sit quiet, listening to rain falling everywhere 
in the world at once: all 15,000 tons.

At 4:20 we pull a little from the tight joint I keep behind your ear.
You do not inhale.

At 5:25 you meet me for happy hour. 
My neck already salted, a lime wedged in my teeth,
a shot of tequila sitting on the bar.

At 6:30 I hear the ticking.
I count your heartbeat like seconds between thunderclaps.

By 7:35 I can see you in the distance, 
each second a tease until you drape over me. 
We always love quick and you never let me hold you.
I dream of drinking you through a straw.

At 8:40 you watch my beard grow 0.00027 of an inch.

At 9:45 we do not speak.
Too many people have died since we last met.

At 10:50 we pray for a meteor, 
at least a clumsy kid to spill sugar in our gears.

11:55 is my favorite.
We’re only apart for mere minutes.

But at midnight you’ll apologize sixty times
because it will always be like this.

At 1:04 AM I am already sleeping. 
It’s exhausting loving someone
who is constantly running away.

Chapter 560(?): How Are You?

Happy Thursday!

I’m guessing on my chapter number because I’ve been away, so feel free to correct me.

I just wanted to say hello and see what everyone is up to these days!

Me, it’s almost time for final exams, and I’m beginning to feel the pressure. But I’ll be working in NYC this summer, so I’m looking forward to that. Besides those things, it’s almost summer, which means a lovely amount of warm weather!

BUT, the real question is…how are YOU today? Tell me one awesome or good things that happened, or maybe a not-so-good thing. I’d love to hear how you are.

Have an awesome day!



Chapters 372 & 373: Anniversary & Friday

Happy Friday!

I’m happy today because yesterday was my 1 year blogging anniversary on WordPress, and I’m happy I get to share everything with you all because you are absolutely amazing people. Thank thank you for caring about me and supporting me throughout the past year, and here’s to many more years of blogging!

I’m also happy because today is Friday, and that means its almost the weekend. Even though I have midterms coming up coming up I’m still excited to hang out with friends.

What do you like to do on Fridays to kick off the weekend?

Have an awesome weekend! xxoo

Chapters 367, 368 & 369: Weekends

Happy Sunday!

I know I said in my last post that I would post on Friday, but obviously, that didn’t happen. So I’ve decided to post today instead!

So, it’s the weekend. More specifically, it’s the last day of the weekend, which is sad. Having time to sleep in and hang out is great, and it feels like you need to cram in as many fun activities as possible before your free time is over. And that’s bittersweet I think. On one side, you get to spend time with your loved ones, doing fun or relaxing things, or maybe just catching up on work or your programs.

The weekend is a way to spend your time doing what you want to do, and spending time with whom ever you want!

So, what do you like to do on the weekend? 

Have an awesome weekend! xxoo

Chapters 327, 328, 329 & 330: The Week Before School

Happy Tuesday!

It’s the week before school starts, and it’s been utter chaos. From school supplies, to packing, to picking out an outfit, it’s a very stressful time for both students and parents alike.

And for college students (such as myself), it means packing up every last thing in your room, and driving it a few hours away to a new room!

It’s a bit scary to be honest! I’ve spent about three months back at home, and I feel like I’ve settled back into the routine of being at home…so to head off to figure out a new routine is a little weird!

So, what do you do the week before school?

Have an awesome week! xxoo

Chapters 282 & 283: Full Of Ideas

Happy Thursday, and for all my fellow Americans, Happy Fourth of July! *fireworks*

So, I forgot to post yesterday, but I went with one of my best friends to the fireworks! I’m pretty sure everyone I’ve ever met turned out, so there was a lot of hugging and talking about college. It was a little weird seeing former classmates, because I feel like I’ve changed so much over the past year, and we talked about old memories and people. It was a little nostalgic, but pretty fun! The fireworks were the best part though, even though it took us about an hour to get home!


But even when I was at the fireworks, I was thinking of ideas for posts I want to write. I was thinking about who I want to write about, and using my blog as a way to connect to my past. I know I’m not that old, but I do have a fair amount of memories that I could share with you all.

Do you ever feel like past memories overpower your new ideas? Past events affect your future plans? Can you shake off your past, or is it simply a part of who you are?

So, what do you think? Should I share old memories, or come up with new ideas? What would you do?

Have an awesome weekend! xxoo