Chapters 286 & 287: Under The Weather, But Feeling Better

Happy Monday!

I apologize for my absence yesterday, but I was feeling under the weather. The amount of tissues that were piling up in my garbage can are proof of that. But I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better today!

Personally, I don’t get sick often, but when I do, it’s like my entire body goes on strike. Does that happen to you? Do you feel like your body gives up and refuses to function properly? How do you deal with being sick? Do you get sick often?


Those are a lot of questions, I know, but I love to learn more about you all 🙂 

I’m glad to say that I should be back to a regular blogging schedule soon, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Have a great week! xxoo

34 thoughts on “Chapters 286 & 287: Under The Weather, But Feeling Better

  1. spartacus2030

    “My Life Story” staring ME! LOL! I know what it’s like to see see people sick in bed… I never lay down when I’m sick. I believe that horses know that trick as well. And I eat oats… Lots of oats… Well, it keeps horses up…


  2. I go generally comatose. Just watch TV, play some video games, perhaps read. Most of what I do that day will become just a blur the next day as I either don’t get sick, or I get horribly sick. I did get sick enough once I blacked out at the kitchen table and came to stuck between table legs and two chairs. I have no idea how I wrapped my body around the table and legs as I had.


      1. Snort – a very good idea. The tampons expand, you see, unless you soak them in a slight saline solution first. But that can help with that disgusting chapped/sore nostril thing. Never mind. I’m sounding weirder and weirder.

        (whistling and looking innocent)


      2. Haha, when you explain it like that, it sounds pretty appealing! I may have to test this trick out next time I get sick 🙂 And you don’t sound weird at all, I promise. xxoo


  3. Johnny Ojanpera

    If I get sick, I keep doing whatever I’m doing, usually work, and pretend that it isn’t real. It usually works. I do take pills sometimes to prevent tampon use though. 🙂


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