Chapter 145: Note-taking & Gender-Role Breaking

Happy Monday!

I’ve just finished typing up my notes for my last class, although, it took a lot longer than expected. Guess I’ll just have to do some adding/editing tomorrow if needed.

I also just finished watching the newest episode of a YouTube series (“Becoming YouTube”). This episodes’ topic discussed girls on YouTube, and the social stigma/pressure that goes along with being a female. And it sparked something in my mind….because I am a girl, so does that mean that I have to follow along to the social standards while writing my blog? Should I have to talk about so-called “girly” things, like clothes & makeup? Or should I shy away from the “typical” routine? Have I changed posts in the past because of something I thought could be “controversial”?

While some of those questions are rhetorical, I can honestly say that I don’t care what gender my viewers are, male or female, I’m just happy to have any at all.

I’m not changing my writing or my topics for anyone, because I started this blog for myself, as a way to let out my thoughts, and I’m still continuing to do so. 

What do you think about social stigmas/standards when it comes to gender “roles” on the Internet? 



Chapter 69: Motivational Morning

Happy Sunday!

Unlike yesterday, my result for spending the day studying was way more successful. At least this morning. After dinner, I’ve just been watching random YouTube videos instead of going over my notes…which is not going to help me during my three exams this week.

Hopefully my motivation will come back in full force by tomorrow, because otherwise, I don’t know how everything will turn out.