I Want To Be WordPress Popular (Don’t You?)

Happy Friday!

Everyone wants to be liked, it’s simply human nature to want to be loved and liked by our peers. And sometimes we use different means to become liked, such as writing a blog that people read and enjoy.

But even if you’ve had some success, you’ll always want more, or want what you can’t have, simply because you feel the need to be more liked and respected.

Some people make blogging look easy, just type a few words about a popular subject, maybe add a cute photo or two, post and watch their notifications pile up. I sometimes wish that could be me, that more people would like and comment, and I know it’s a little s
elf-obsessed, but I feel that everyon, regardless has had the same wish sometime in their life.

Maybe the more we work to achieve this “popularity”, the less likely we are to obtain it. But it still would be nice, if only for a day.

So, what do you think about achieving success and popularity? I can’t wait to see what you have to write.

Have a great day!


First Week On The Job (well, internship).

Happy Thursday!

So, before this week, I had never worked in an office. Sure, I worked during the summers, but it was either as a camp counselor or babysitting.

Babysitting is nothing like working in an office. The work environment is much more mature, with everyone going about their business with a sense of purpose and confidence. Enter me on my first day, 10 minutes late and dripping with sweat. While everyone was put together and polished, I stuck out like the intern I was.

Working in an office is not the most exciting job. I spent most of the week organizing papers and reorganizing binders, and today I worked on a spreadsheet. It’s not something most people would be excited about, and I am like most people.

However, despite the tedious work, lack of sleep, and occasional boredom, I’m not complaining. The company that hired me thought I would be good for the job, I get to explore the city I’m in,
and there’s a Starbucks right near me, which means lots of coffee, and people watching.

And since this is only week one, who knows what’s in store? Maybe next week, I’ll get to go on coffee runs for the actual employees.

So, what was your first internship/job, and what was it like?

Have a great day!

Chapters 417 & 418: Stressed, But Happy

Happy Monday!

Have you ever had times where you’re just so busy, that you have to find the time for little things? Sleep becomes a thing of the past, as does seeing family and friends. Well, this is the idea of what will be my life for the next few weeks, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

Not because I’m going to have a ton of work, but because I’m actually going to spend my time productively (hopefully), and once I’m done, I’ll be free for a month.  I’m going to be unbelievably busy with work for the end of the semester. But at the same time, I’m making sure to spend time with friends during the weekends, and spending time with my family for Thanksgiving. Because what good is being stressed, if you don’t have anyway or time to relieve it? At least for a little while.

So, I’m stressed, but couldn’t be happier to be. 

What stresses you out? 

Have an awesome week!


Quote Of The Day: Nobody gets to be you, except you. Nobody has your point of view, except you. Nobody gets to bring to the worlds the things that you get to bring to the world – uniquely get to bring to the world – except you.” – Neil Gaiman 

Chapters 374, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380, 381, 382, 383, 384, 385 & 386 : Lost and Life

Happy Thursday!

I apologize for not posting, I had midterms and a lot of other things on my plate. I may be posting sparingly in the next few weeks as I head towards the end of the semester and classes get busier. I’ll try my best to post as often as I can.

Do you ever feel like you’re in a constant rut, where you don’t know where your life is going, and you don’t know what direction to turn? I know I’ve probably discussed this in previous posts, but it’s a constant issue.

Lately, I’ve been feeling confused and lost. I’m considering switching my major (Psychology to Media and Communication), and I’m struggling in a few classes. I feel like I’m unsure what I want to do with my life, and the thought that in a few years, I’ll have to go out into the “real world” and find a job is a scary thing. I know people say to focus on one day at a time, but lately, it’s getting more difficult to focus on anything at all.

But it’s time to take control and buck up, because I am the only one who controls my fate and future, and I’m thinking it’s time to take matters into my own hands and get stuff done!

So, what do you do when you’re feeling lost?

Thank you so much for sticking around, and I love you!

Have an awesome week. xxoo


Chapters 335, 336, 337, 388, 339 & 340 : Week One

Happy Thursday!

As you can guess, I’m at college! Everything is unpacked (although not very organized), and I’ve already completed my first week of classes!

SO, because I didn’t post for about a week, I’m making sure this is a longer post!

Whenever you’re starting something new, whether it’s a new job, a new class, a new project, it’s always scary. Do you ever get that mix of excitement and nerves? It’s like a giant butterfly is fluttering inside your stomach, trying to get out. It’s not a pretty image to think about, but that’s what always comes to my mind when I think about nerves.

Some people aren’t scared of new things, in fact, they love them! Sometimes people are petrified to try new things, so much that they won’t try anything new at all! And some people are nervous about trying new things, but they buck up and try them anyway. 

I tend to think of myself in the last option, where I’m scared, but I try anyway. I feel like the more new things you try, the more things you might enjoy!

So, that’s the theme for this first week of college! I’m planning to try a few new things while I’m at school, and of course, you’ll be coming along with me!

How do you feel about new things?

Have an amazing weekend! xxoo

Chapters 327, 328, 329 & 330: The Week Before School

Happy Tuesday!

It’s the week before school starts, and it’s been utter chaos. From school supplies, to packing, to picking out an outfit, it’s a very stressful time for both students and parents alike.

And for college students (such as myself), it means packing up every last thing in your room, and driving it a few hours away to a new room!

It’s a bit scary to be honest! I’ve spent about three months back at home, and I feel like I’ve settled back into the routine of being at home…so to head off to figure out a new routine is a little weird!

So, what do you do the week before school?

Have an awesome week! xxoo

Chapter 224: Personal Writing

Happy Monday!

So, today, I’ll be doing something different. I’ll be sharing a piece of my own personal writing, which is something that I’ve been nervous about doing. BUT I’m mustering up my courage and posting it anyway.

Let me know what you think? I’d love to hear your opinions. xxoo

Place Detail

            The dark, haunting stage loomed over the crowd, silencing their amplified screams of excitement. They stood there as a mob of grimy shirts, ripped jeans, a multicolor rainbow of hair and tattoos. As the flood lights flashed periodically on the crowd, blinding them with light, their piercings gave off shimmers and reflections from all different body parts. From the face there were ears, gauges, industrials, eyebrows, nose studs, septum’s, snake bites and medusas. As the crowd shifted and waited, they came together in a unified organization, the band that was about to play, linked them together with drum beats and guitar solos. The ground underneath was lined with shards of broken glass, cigarette butts, and wads of gums. The barrier at the front was lined with rods of metal, the gates that separated them from their heaven. The security guards were three deep; surrounding the stage, the bodyguards of society, to control the abnormality that created this chaos. The stage then lit up in red and blue, the screams of the crowd vibrating the instruments and the band with excitement. And then the band began to play, and the crowd in a parking lot in a little town became a part of history.

Chapter 215: Repeat

Happy Monday!

Sometimes it feels like my life is playing on repeat. I wake up, shower, get dressed, eat, go the the library, procrastinate, study, procrastinate more, eat, then go back to my room. This has been my life for the past few days, and I’m pretty tired of it. The good news is that I’ll be done with school in a few days, so the cycle will stop soon. At least I’ll get a lovely change of scenery for a few months back home. 

But do you ever feel like that? Like you do the same things over and over again, day after day, without any changes? Like your life is in a rut, going from activity to activity without a second thought. It’s like you’re on a never-ending path leading to nowhere. How do you break the cycle? Or do you just stay on because you think it’ll be easier, or because it’s familiar?

Hope you all have a great day!

Image xxoo

Chapters 203, 204, 205, 206 & 207: Essays

Happy Monday!

I apologize for not posting the past few days, as I was writing several essays. The reason I’ve been away is that this week is the beginning of my school final exams, so as you can imagine, all of the students are frantically working to finish their assignments and spending hours upon hours in the library.

Yet, while I do enjoy writing, essays sometimes can become a bit frustrating. Basically, you’re writing about the same topic for several paragraphs, only to restate your entire argument at the end. It’s a never ending cycle of citing sources (properly of course), then analyzing them, then connecting them to your overall topic, all in an eight to ten page paper. Every specification and detail must be perfectly met, in order to achieve the highest grade possible. You stress about making things perfect, yet deep down, you know there can never be such a thing. 

Sorry for the bitter rant today, as you might of guessed, I’m a bit stressed, and will continue to be for the next week or so. Then finally next week, my exams will be completed, and I will be on my way back home, after finishing my freshman year at college. It’s an exciting thought that is a motivation to get my work done in these next weeks, and hopefully, I will be able to keep up with a semi-regular posting schedule.

Hope you all have a great week!

Image xxoo