Chapter 64: Warm Weather In December?

Happy Tuesday!

For the past few days, it’s been unusually warm outside, which I’m fine with due to my aversion to the cold…but it’s almost as if my body doesn’t want to accept the temperature, and instead wants to stay inside in the cold. Call it the Apocalypse, or Global Warming, but in my opinion, I hope it ends soon. 



Chapter 37: Winter Chills

Happy Wednesday!

For most people on the East Coast, it appears that there’s a winter storm coming, and with that comes layered clothes, hot food and in my case, a ton of tissues and medicine. Today I woke up feeling the beginnings of a cold, which is a major snag in my school plans and work load. I’ve spent the day pumping medicine and hot drinks into my immune system with the hope that I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling a bit better, maybe even with some snow sprinkled outside on the ground to greet me.

Hope you all have a great rest of your week! xxoo

Chapter 31: Cloudy With A Chance of Freezing

Happy Thursday! Hope you’re all doing well.

Today marks the coming of winter, and sadly, my body is no where near being close to prepared for the drop in temperature. I’m a fan of the Spring, Summer and Fall, but I couldn’t really ever find myself in favor of Winter. Bundled in layers upon layers of warm clothing and accessories, the constant chill in the bones, and the blue-tinged lips and fingernails for when it’s particularly freezing outside…yeah, I’m not a fan.

But sure, it’s a great feeling to be able to run around for a little while in the arctic known as the Northeast coast, but sadly, I also have no skill in any winter sport other than sledding down hills, making snowballs during a war, and building fantastic snowpeople (and snow angels!), however, I think that my cons for the winter wonderland far outweigh the pros of becoming a modern-day Snow Princess.

Have a great rest of the week!


Chapter 6: Cold Weather Doesn’t Make Everything Better

I hate the cold. I dislike cold weather, feeling cold, or even getting a cold. In short, I’m a warm weather type of child.

Today isn’t the exception to my dislike of the cold, instead, it’s a reaffirmation of just how much I dislike it. It makes my body ache and protest to leaving my warm bed in favor of the bitter chill that lies outside. I always feel like I can’t do anything right when I’m out in the cold, almost as if my brain is protesting the sudden climate change, and all my thoughts slow down as the wind rushes in my ears.

But sadly, the seasons must change, and soon winter will be upon us. And I guess I have no choice but to accept my freezing fate and try to thaw out my thoughts before they fully ice over. Fortunately, I have in abundance boxes of hot chocolate and blankets to help keep the cold at bay.

Hugs&(Hershey)Kisses to all of you!Image