Chapter 234: Traffic & Hotels

Happy Friday!

This weekend, I’ll be in the Boston area for a soccer tournament. My family and I just arrived at the hotel, and while we had a bit of a rooming issue, we’re settled in and ready! It took us a few hours to get here, due to traffic. Traffic is a pain in the butt, because it makes everyone irritable and snappy. Do you ever feel this way when you’re stuck in traffic? Also, what the worst traffic situation that you’ve ever been in? Mine would have to be a time where I was stuck in standstill traffic for almost 2 hours, it was brutal.

Also, how do you feel about having to pay for Wi-Fi in hotels? Personally, I’m not a fan of it, because we’re already paying for a room and other amenities, so I feel that charging for Wi-Fi is a bit ridiculous. 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!