Chapters 155 & 156: Sun Thoughts

Happy Friday!

Today is my last day before flying back home…to the freezing cold. It’s been great spending time with my family in the warm weather, so I’m a bit bummed to be heading back. Of course, I miss my parents and sister, but the idea of going back to the cold is extremely unappealing. Plus, school starts back up on Monday, and my workload is already piling up.

Oh well, goodbye warm weather…and hello warm sweaters.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Chapter 64: Warm Weather In December?

Happy Tuesday!

For the past few days, it’s been unusually warm outside, which I’m fine with due to my aversion to the cold…but it’s almost as if my body doesn’t want to accept the temperature, and instead wants to stay inside in the cold. Call it the Apocalypse, or Global Warming, but in my opinion, I hope it ends soon.