What To Do When You’re Waiting

1) Try to figure out what you’re waiting for. 

2) Try to figure out if what you’re waiting for is worth the wait. This is a crucial step.

3) If it’s a long wait (i.e., waiting for a concert or a ride at Disney), find something do distract yourself. 

4) People watch. This is a favorite activity of mine, and it’s always interesting no matter where you are. 

5) Make sure your electronics are charged (especially if you use them frequently). This is very important.

6) Make sure you bring your chargers for said electronics. (see tip 5). 

7) Wear comfortable clothes/shoes. It could be sweatpants, it could be a suit. If you’re uncomfortable, the wait will be even worse. 

8) Bring snacks. This is especially important if you are 

A) A nervous/bored eater like myself

B) Waiting with a lot people/children 

C) Because you never know when you’ll need a granola bar Continue reading “What To Do When You’re Waiting”