Chapter 134: People Thinking About Other People?

Happy Thursday, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

People in general, can be selfish. They can be vain, self-absorbed, and cruel. But today, it was the opposite. People were kind and polite to each other, everyone seemed to be feeling the effects of the holiday….which was really nice to see and be in. 

I don’t believe that people are terrible overall, but I do think people could be kinder. Starting with myself, even though I do think I try to be as kind as possible, I know deep down, I could achieve so much more.

So, happy Valentine’s Day, and if you’re in a relationship or not, I love you.


Chapters 132 & 133: I Like Valentine’s Day, So What?

Happy Wednesday!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You know, the pink & red decorated “Day of Love”, complete with flowers and candy and love? Now, while at school, I’ve made several friends who hate Valentine’s Day. They don’t like pink, or the day of love, they think it’s just “another stupid, consumer, Hallmark holiday where people who are in relationships are cliche, and single people are upset and needy.”

I don’t agree with that at all. I happen to love Valentine’s Day, and while I understand why they dislike it, I don’t really care. I love red (pink’s okay), I love seeing people in love, and I love candy/flowers/cliche gestures. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, either way, there’s someone out there who loves you, not just tomorrow…but everyday of the year.

And yes, I’m single…and that’s great! It doesn’t change the way I’ll act tomorrow, I still have classes, and a test, so really, it’s just another normal day. Just with a little more love involved. 

Hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day (or Single-Awareness Day!), and I love you no matter what day of the year it is. I just will actually tell you that tomorrow ❤


So happy Vale