Chapters 331, 332, 333 & 334: Back To School

Happy Saturday!

So, as you can guess, I’m writing this from my new dorm room at college! It took me a few hours to get everything unpacked, but I’m pretty much finished now!

It’s a little weird being back at school, because just a few hours ago, I was back home in my own bed with my family. And now, I’m in my school bed, with my school family.

It’s odd to think about how quickly the past year has flown by: I’m a sophomore in college, my little sister is halfway through middle school, and in about a week, I’ll be turning 19 years old. 

And that’s terrifying to me, turning 19. It means that I’ll be in my last teenage years, that the more I age, the more I’ll mature and have to be more independent. Throughout the past year, I’ve tried to become more independent, but sometimes, it’s pretty difficult. 

I guess growing up is a part of life, and no matter how much I try to resist it, it’s going to happen. At least I have my blog (and all of you) to join me on this grand adventure!

Have an awesome weekend! xxoo


Chapter 94: Catching Up

Happy Friday!

Today, I spent the day catching up with things. I had breakfast with a friend, and we caught up with each other since we’ve been away at college. At home, I caught up with messages and a ton of YouTube videos that I hadn’t gotten around to watching.

And now, I’m finally caught up with almost everything that I wanted. So it was nice to just take the day to catch up on everything that I had missed.

Hope you all have a great weekend!