What To Do On A Long Car Trip

10) Bring snacks. I cannot stress this enough. Eventually someone will be hungry, and having something to give them will make the trip a lot smoother. 

9) If you’re in the backseat, you are free to nap. The person in the passenger seat is tasked with keeping the driver awake and alert. The driver drives the car. 

8) Play music, or even make a good playlist to listen to on the trip.

7) Take photos of the trip! Enjoy the scenery. 

6) If you’re one of those people who can read in the car, bring something long and/or interesting to read.


4) Try to stop every once in a while. It’s good to stretch and explore your surroundings. 

3) Make sure to bring headphones/chargers/batteries/etc.Nothing is worse than running out of power on a long car trip. 

2) If possible, take turns driving! No one really wants to drive for the whole trip. 

1) Enjoy! 


Chapters 308, 309 310 & 311: Countdown

Happy Thursday!

A few months ago, I mentioned that in August, I’d be flying out to Chicago to attend the Lollapalooza Music Festival. And GUESS WHAT? I’ll be flying on this Friday for a lovely weekend with my dad in Chicago.

I’ve been waiting for this for months, so I’m super excited! However, I’ll be on a 6 AM flight, so that’s the only major downfall of this trip, but I guess I’ll drink some coffee and power through it!

So, what are you doing this weekend?

Have an awesome weekend! xxoo

Chapter 150: Packing & Errands

Happy Saturday!

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m flying out to see my family tomorrow, and won’t be back until Thursday. I’m also not bringing my computer, so if I’m not posting at all, that’s the reason why. 

I’ve been running around all day to make sure everything is ready for my trip, and now the only thing left is to finish packing/charging everything. It’s exhausting, but I guess I’ll just sleep on the plane tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Chapters 148 & 149: Home Again

Happy Friday!

As the title says, I’m back home again, this time for Spring Break. It’s been pretty good, and I’m happy to be back with my family (and in my own room!). Even though I have some studying & other work over break, I’m still hoping I’ll get a chance to relax once I go to Florida.

Also, if I don’t post this upcoming week, or post infrequently, it’s because I’ll be in Florida, and my grandmas’ house doesn’t have the best Internet connection. I’ll try to make it work though!

Hope you all have a great weekend!