Chapter 179: Studying & Boredom

Happy Monday!

As every student knows, studying can be one of the most boring tasks known in existence. No matter what grade you’re in, what degree you are studying to obtain, it’s boring and tedious. 

But is it worth it? I mean, there is always the choice to not study, and consequently not do well. But maybe too much studying will only make you second-guess yourself, which could harm your success. No matter the amount you study, there’s only so much knowledge you can cram into your brain, and only so much of it will actually be used.

Even though I don’t like studying, I try to make a plan to start early, so that way once the deadline approaches, I’ll be prepared enough not to freak out. Although, I still procrastinate every so often, because otherwise I might bore myself to sleep.

Hope you all have a great week!

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Chapter 70: Gifts In The Midst of Studying

Happy Monday!

Similar to last week, I spent almost all of my day today studying. My final exams start tomorrow, and the pressure is on. But there was a bright spot in my cloudy information-filled day. I received several gifts from both a friend and also my roommate. The gifts they bought for me were actually several items I had my eye on, and my reaction the gifts were priceless.

They may of not realized it, but the gifts, and their friendship completely made my day, if not my week.


Chapter 69: Motivational Morning

Happy Sunday!

Unlike yesterday, my result for spending the day studying was way more successful. At least this morning. After dinner, I’ve just been watching random YouTube videos instead of going over my notes…which is not going to help me during my three exams this week.

Hopefully my motivation will come back in full force by tomorrow, because otherwise, I don’t know how everything will turn out.


Chapter 68: Turning Into A Hermit

Happy Saturday!

Today, I went out of my room a total of…2 times. Once to get breakfast, and the other for dinner.

Otherwise, I was holed up in my room for the day, with the result being the minimal amount of studying for my final exams completed. Yet, I feel oddly successful.

Let’s hope I get more studying done tomorrow.


Chapter 66: The Start of Silence

Happy Thursday! And for students at my school, happy last day of classes for the semester.

Even though a lot of people are going out and celebrating their freedom from classes, a lot of them don’t realize that starting tonight, there’s going to be a “22 Quiet Hours” rule going into effect until final exams are over.

I’m expecting nothing but the worse, and a ton of drama. Fortunately, I have a ton of microwave popcorn to eat while I watch the drama unfold.


Chapter 58: Italian Anyone?

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I studied for an Italian quiz that I have tomorrow. That’s pretty much it for what I did today, nothing new or exciting to share with you. At least now, instead of being hunched over my textbook with all of my notes scattered around me on the floor, I’m sitting upright and simply reviewing. Which is great for my back, but still exhausting for my brain and my eyes. Anyone know what the Italian translation is for “I need a break”?

Hope you all have a great week! 


Chapter 35: Memorizing Music

Happy Monday! 

Today is going to be bit of a short post, only because I’m attempting to cram in notes while studying for my music exam tomorrow without procrastinating. Sadly, it’s not going as well as I hoped, memorizing really isn’t my favorite way to learn a subject, but I guess it’ll have to do for now…

Hope you all have a great week! Also, in case you didn’t know (which would be pretty difficult at this point), tomorrow is Election Day, so don’t forget to vote!


Chapter 20: Studying Sunday

I can happily say that after my non-productive day yesterday, that I was pretty productive today. It was tedious, but hopefully the work I put in will give me back the good results I so desperately need.

Have you ever had that one class that, no matter how much you try and work, you never seem to be doing well it? It’s a frustrating situation to be in, one I’ve had my share of over the educational years. The only silver lining is that it’ll only be a few more weeks until I’m free from it’s stressful clutches, and able to take the classes that I’m truly interested in.

There is one decent thing about having to take the class, even though I don’t like it, at least it’s not scheduled for 8:00 in the morning…I would probably need an IV filled with hot chocolate if it was.


Chapter 19: Focus Pocus

Happy Saturday!

Have you ever had those days where you simply can’t focus on work? I happen to have a big test on Monday, and I’ve been attempting to study for it all day and I can’t bring myself to hunker down and pay attention(and if my parents are reading this, I’ve also been studying throughout the week too, so don’t worry).

I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a full on study day, mainly because I know I’ll regret it if I don’t. Maybe I’ll find a way that I’ll be able to focus without too many distractions, but then again, it is a college campus!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! xxoo