Chapter 37: Winter Chills

Happy Wednesday!

For most people on the East Coast, it appears that there’s a winter storm coming, and with that comes layered clothes, hot food and in my case, a ton of tissues and medicine. Today I woke up feeling the beginnings of a cold, which is a major snag in my school plans and work load. I’ve spent the day pumping medicine and hot drinks into my immune system with the hope that I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling a bit better, maybe even with some snow sprinkled outside on the ground to greet me.

Hope you all have a great rest of your week! xxoo


Chapter 29: Television Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Today was day two of cancelled classes due to Hurricane Sandy, and even though classes are set to resume tomorrow, I didn’t feel like doing any work today. So, I didn’t. Normally, if I had a day without classes, I would make a few attempts to start my work for the week, or study for a test. Today was the exception to my normal routine, and even though it was due to pure laziness, it felt awesome.

Hope you all are safe after the Hurricane.