Chapters 165, 166 & 167: The Week Before Break…

Happy Tuesday!

So, it’s the week before break, and all throughout the campus, work is being assigned…and the students (namely me) are still stressed. Even though I meant for that last sentence to rhyme, it didn’t turn out the way I planned, but it’s still completely true!

I’ve been so busy, because it’s nearing towards the end of the year, and even with the break, the work still shows no signs of slowing down….which is sad, but soon the school year will be over, at least for the summer.

Hope you all have a great week!

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Chapters 159, 160, & 161: Spring is Coming, and I’m Stressed

Happy Wednesday!

I’m happy to report that Spring (and warmer weather) is on it’s lovely way! I love Spring, because I don’t have to freeze every time I walk outside. Plus, people are finally shaking off their winter illnesses, so people are out and about!

However, Spring coming means it’s nearing the end of the school year, which means a ton of work has already been thrown my way. Work = Stress, and with the insane amounts of it I have, I feel like pulling out my own hair. However, I won’t be doing that, because I don’t think I’d look good bald. 

But having a ton of work to finish in a limited amount of time…that means I’ll have to kiss the outdoors goodbye for a bit, and having to say hello to the library. Although, it could be worse, because I do like the library! Just spending a lot of my time there might make me a bit stir crazy…but once I’m done with all of my work, it’ll be back to the outdoors! (I hope)

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!