Chapter 125: Autoethnography

Happy Monday!

So for one of my classes, I was required to write an essay about a media source that I use everyday. Of course, I wrote about this, my blog…and it was one of the more difficult topics for me to talk about. I really don’t like to talk about myself or what I do, so I felt awkward sharing it with my professor, although it’s only because I’m quite shy about it.

So, hopefully they like my essay, and if they ever come to see my blog…Hi! 

Hope you all have a great rest of your week, and thank you so much for liking & commenting!


Chapter 92: Shyness

Happy Wednesday!

I am a shy person. When I was little, I was afraid to answer the phone or order at a restaurant. Even though I became less shy over time, I still sometimes go back to how I used to be. Today, I was supposed to return a bracelet that I bought, which broke. As I drove past the store with my dad, instead of going in, I lied and said the store wasn’t open. However, my dad saw through my lie and we went back to return it. I could’ve done it myself, yet I was too afraid.

Hopefully tomorrow, my shyness will be out the door and I’ll be able to speak up for myself.