Chapter 62: It’s A Mall World After All

Happy Sunday! Today, I spent four hours at the mall. Usually, I try to spend as little as time in there as possible, but today I was on a mission, to buy all of my holidays gifts today so I will have time to prepare them for when I give them to my friends and family. And even though my feet are sore, and my wallet is lighter than when I started out, it still was a very successful trip! But don’t expect me to try it ever again, at least until next year.



Chapter 25: Shopping Carts & Toys

Happy Friday!

Today, I had an excellent adventure with my friends at Target. We cracked jokes and made fun of our purchases the entire time, and while some other shoppers gave us odd looks, it was like we didn’t even notice that there were other people around us because we were having too much fun.

It was a great time, and it was a great way to blow off steam and get off campus for a little while. I could tell that we all needed a break from school, and going shopping was a way for us to get back to the outside world and just let loose.

ImageHope you all have an awesome weekend! xxoo