Chapter 235: Hello Again, & Writing

Happy Friday (Again)

I realized that I wanted to share another piece of writing! This piece is a short story I wrote about 2 years ago, and I was thinking about it today. Let me know what you think, I hope you like it!

Have a great day! xxoo

Vinyl Thoughts

He shouldn’t have been staring at her as she wandered around the store. It was impolite to stare. He should be continuing to do his job, restocking and organizing vinyls that lined the shelves of the small record shop. He couldn’t afford to be distracted; he needed this job to pay for his college tuition. But she was just so…beautiful. 

I wonder what her name is? Maybe I could ask? I could ask if she needs help with finding anything, and then start a conversation…NO! I have to do my job, otherwise no education! Dad said that you were nothing without a good looks or a good education, and he always said that I’m not handsome, so I’d have to get a good education to make up for it. I can’t risk being distracted.

Focusing back on his task, he willed himself not to look over in her direction until he was finished. He quietly worked his way around the store, the stack of vinyls in his arms wavering precariously with each step. Yes! Almost done, I just have to put these last few away and…

He suddenly had a view of the cracked white ceiling, and a throbbing pain in his dark-haired head. Realizing he was on the floor, he dazedly looked around to what had made him end up on his back. He groaned when he saw the vinyls scattered and broken around his body. Oh no. Polly is going to KILL me! How did I even end up down here? Damn, this is gonna take awhile to clean up…I’ll have to pay for it out of my paycheck…CRAP.

“I am SO sorry!” A musical voice broke into his thoughts. Where’s that voice coming from?

Attempting to sit up, he realized the voice was coming from the beautiful girl. She was also sprawled out on the floor, her arm propping her up slightly. Her blond hair was escaping the confines of her ponytail, strands of gold getting in the way of her dark blue eyes. His own hazel eyes staring wide-eyed back at her, he put the pieces of the situation together.

SHIT! I must have run into her! Now she’ll hate me, and make me pay for the pain I caused. I can just see my college tuition fade away now…Dad will just love the chance to get drunk and yell at me for not living up to the family standards, why I couldn’t be like my older brothers, that he’d wish I’d never been born, that I was an “accident”.  I can’t believe I ran into her! I wonder if she’s alright…and I really need to STOP STARING.

           Snapping out of his thoughts, he saw that she held a teasing smile on her angelic face. He nervously smiled back. Still grinning, she opened her mouth.

“You know, it’s considered impolite to stare.”