What To Do When You’re Having A Lazy Saturday

10) Catch up on reading/writing blog posts (like this one).

9) Bake/Cook (Example: I just baked 3 dozen cookies)

8) Take a nap. Naps are always essential on lazy days

7)  Drink several mugs of your favorite hot drink. I recommend hot chocolate.

6) Watch some of your favorite movies/shows. I personally enjoy binge-watching Netflix.

5) Contemplate doing work, but ultimately decide against it. It’s your lazy day, take advantage of it. (Special thanks to my friend Corrie for this tip)

4) Do lazy day activities. Puzzles, cards, reading, etc. 

3) Wear comfortable clothes, or no clothes at all! The true meaning of laziness. 

2) If you have access to a pet, cuddle with it. Pets are excellent lazy day companions. 

1) Enjoy! You deserve it. Now go continue your lazy day! 


Chapter 170: Research Paper, Part One

Happy Saturday!

Research papers are not my favorite way to spend a beautiful Saturday. Even though I’m interested in the topic I’m writing about, it’s still a huge assignment, and every little detail matters. Which in turn, stresses me out beyond belief. 

However, after freaking out for a bit, I managed to chill out and start writing. Although it took me a few minutes to decide what music I wanted to play in the background…which for me is the most important part of paper writing. I’ve also managed to complete most of it, although I still have a few paragraphs to go, as well as some extreme editing.

But hopefully next time it’s a beautiful Saturday, I’ll be spending it outside.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Chapter 40: Lazy Saturdays

Happy Saturday!

Today was a lazy Saturday for me, mainly because I’m still recovering from being sick, and also because I have no desire to touch any of my work due this week. It seems like every time there’s a holiday where we get school off, the workload gets dumped on us right before we go home. It’s a bit of a downer really, because each teacher expects so much of you and to be a great student, but they act as they’re the only teacher you have, and that their work is the only stuff you have to complete. Multiply that by four or five more teachers, and you get the general sense of what the school weeks before major holidays are like.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Chapter 5: Candy Corn & Conversations

Happy Saturday!

Today, I had the opportunity to act like my inner 5-year old. And you know what? It was one of the best days I’ve had in awhile. Not to say that I’m not happy where I am currently, but today’s activities gave me a chance to stop acting like the adult I’m supposed to be, but to do things that were of the complete opposite end of the age scale.

So, what do you do to act like your inner child? Let me know in the comments below. Remember, everyone was a child at one point in their life. ❤