Chapter 145: Note-taking & Gender-Role Breaking

Happy Monday!

I’ve just finished typing up my notes for my last class, although, it took a lot longer than expected. Guess I’ll just have to do some adding/editing tomorrow if needed.

I also just finished watching the newest episode of a YouTube series (“Becoming YouTube”). This episodes’ topic discussed girls on YouTube, and the social stigma/pressure that goes along with being a female. And it sparked something in my mind….because I am a girl, so does that mean that I have to follow along to the social standards while writing my blog? Should I have to talk about so-called “girly” things, like clothes & makeup? Or should I shy away from the “typical” routine? Have I changed posts in the past because of something I thought could be “controversial”?

While some of those questions are rhetorical, I can honestly say that I don’t care what gender my viewers are, male or female, I’m just happy to have any at all.

I’m not changing my writing or my topics for anyone, because I started this blog for myself, as a way to let out my thoughts, and I’m still continuing to do so. 

What do you think about social stigmas/standards when it comes to gender “roles” on the Internet?