Stay Tuned…

After several months, a much needed mental vacation, and too many cups of coffee, I am pleased to announce that new blog posts will be going up this week! 

So keep your minds open and your eyes peeled, because I don’t think you’ll want to miss what is in store. 

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, and I do hope you’re looking forward to it as well. 



What To Do When Your Readers Think You Have Stopped Blogging

1. Start liking and commenting on their posts. Show that you care about what they write, rebuild your relationships.
2. Start writing drafts to finish and post in the near future. Nothing says that you’re back like a plan for your future. 
3. Explain why you left, something moving and exciting, like you were away for a few months traveling, or you were busy doing a big project. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you were doing, but you get the idea.
4. Don’t tell anyone you’re planning to write again. Mystery is your middle name now. You’re like Beyoncé when she dropped her last album. 
5. Make it funny. Everyone loves a bit of humor. 
6. Add a witty quote or too about returning. Something like: 
“Most of American life consists of driving somewhere and then returning home, wondering why the hell you went. “–John Updike
The sappyier, the better. 
7. Promptly annouce your return on any/all social media platforms. Nothing says you’re truly back unless you’re bragging about it. 
8. Try to think of something cool/crazy to say here. At this point, most people have stopped reading, so you need something to get their attention back. WRITE IT IN CAPS. 
9. Hope that you’ve inspired someone to write a post like this, especially if they haven’t posted in a while too. 
10. Write a post like this, because nothing says you’re back better than actually shoring up and writing something. Even if it’s not great, it’s yours, and you can always be proud of that. Trust me.
See you soon. 

Chapter 560(?): How Are You?

Happy Thursday!

I’m guessing on my chapter number because I’ve been away, so feel free to correct me.

I just wanted to say hello and see what everyone is up to these days!

Me, it’s almost time for final exams, and I’m beginning to feel the pressure. But I’ll be working in NYC this summer, so I’m looking forward to that. Besides those things, it’s almost summer, which means a lovely amount of warm weather!

BUT, the real question is…how are YOU today? Tell me one awesome or good things that happened, or maybe a not-so-good thing. I’d love to hear how you are.

Have an awesome day!



Chapter 516: Lost Time & Poems

Happy Tuesday!

I know I’ve been away for a while, life snuck up on me and I’ve been trying to catch up. 

But, I wanted to share a poem with you, and I wanted to get your feedback. 

So please let me know what you think, and I’ll try to start posting again (hopefully tomorrow)

Have an awesome day! xxoo

What Did You Expect?

They say that beauty is skin deep

Spotless, unblemished, clean

Yet, if you dig deep enough

You will soon learn that I am none of those things, and never have been

My skin is like the cracks in the wall of your room

You know it’s there, but you don’t want to acknowledge it

For fear of what could be the behind the lines

Hazy memories of white walls and obnoxious machines, telling you that I’m still alive

Am I what you expected me to be?

Across my back and front, faded now

Jagged, abstract lines

Stitched up with problems and diagnoses

I am what you wouldn’t expect me to be, a stitched up shell of what I once was

Some would say new and improved, but I don’t know if I see it that way

Not yet anyway, but considering it’s my own skin, I’m not surprised

They say that beauty is only skin deep

And for what it’s worth, I can’t honestly say I’d agree

Because what I’ve discovered is that the things that are under the skin

Are much more interesting, but I would agree with one thing about the skin

It can be beautiful, but sometimes at the price of a procedure

They also say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder

But if it was up to me, I might want to change my concept of beauty

To include my own

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Happy Sunday!

I apologize for not posting for weeks, and I don’t have a reason this time.

To be fair, I’ve been pretty much neglecting everything because of all of the work I’ve had. But I’ve been home since last week, so that’s definitely not an reason to avoid blogging.

I don’t know why I avoid it…I love doing it, I love communicating with all of you, I love hearing your opinions and ideas, and I love to write?

SO…what’s the problem?

What do you do when you feel like avoiding something you love? Why do you avoid it?

I’m sorry again for not posting, but hopefully I’ll get my mojo back soon!

Have an amazing day!



Quick Note: Tomorrow

Happy Friday!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in the past few days, I’ve been running around doing last minute things in preparation for heading back to college.

So, I’m heading back tomorrow morning, and it’ll be bittersweet! And of course, I’ll be sharing my adventures and life at school with you all. I can’t wait!

I’ll be back either tomorrow or Sunday with an extra-long post for you all!

Have an amazing weekend! xxoo