What To Do When You’re Fasting

1) Eat a big meal the night before. It will hold you over for a little while. 
2) Try to stay in one place. Moving around may make you dizzy and disoriented.

3) This fast also includes refraining from drinking. So make sure you’re hydrating in the days before.

4) Don’t look at videos/pictures of food. You may think you can handle it, but you most likely cannot. 

5) Get rest at some point during the day. Very important.

6) Try not to think about eating, or really anything food related. It’s for the best.

7) Make sure you have enough food. This is very important. Arguably the most important. 

8) Make sure you have enough for leftovers. Nothing is better than having leftovers after a big holiday.

9) Know why you’re fasting. In the Jewish religion, we fast as it is a sacred commandment. It is a way of self-denial, to atone for our sins. 

10) Be thankful for what you have in life. Because nothing is better then spending the holidays with people you care about.