I Constantly Think I Have A Psychological Disorder (I Don’t)

Happy Sunday!

I know the title of this post sounds odd, but bear with me.

First off, before I start my whole post, I should probably mention that I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. That being said, my fears about having a psychological disorder are somewhat valid, so don’t just read that last sentence and then tune me out. So here we go.

Hi, I’m Samantha, and I sometimes think I have an undiagnosed psychological disorder.

As a Psychology major in college, I learn a lot about different psychological disorders and how they affect people. However, in my studies, I never realized that my age bracket (18-24), have some of the highest risks for psychological disorders, meaning from the time we start college, to past when we end, we’re constantly at risk. After taking certain classes that talk about these issues (specifically Abnormal Psychology), it can be worrying for some to think about what we learned in class, and how it could apply to their own lives.

For example, I have several friends who are currently at college with me who suffer from different issues (anxiety, OCD, etc.), and I’m constantly asking them questions about their lives and how they deal with different issues. Sometimes I can come off as annoying, but most of them try their best to answer my inquires with some humor and kindness, which I’m very grateful for.

While I know other factors go into having a psychological disorder (i.e., family history, environment, etc.), it’s still terrifying to know that in the next few years, something could shift in my chemical makeup, and I could potentially have a disorder. Some people think that I’m a little neurotic about this type of thing (and they’re right), but it’s a topic that often keeps me awake at night. It’ll probably keep me awake for a few more years as well, but for now, I’ll have to rely on my classes and psychology textbooks to keep me in check.

Normally, I’d ask a question about the topic, but since this is a bit of a sensitive one, I’ll just ask you what you think, and if you have anything that you can relate to!

Have a great Sunday.



Chapters 293 & 294: Major & Minor

Happy Monday!

Hope you’re all having an excellent start to your week! 

So, part of college is deciding what subject you want to major in. Or in some cases, two subjects you want to pursue a career in. Or one main subject, and two lesser subjects. Or one main subject, and an another, lesser subject. That’s known as a “major/minor”, and that is what I am currently planning to decide upon this year.

And what am I planning to major/minor in you ask? Psychology, with a minor in Creative Writing.

I’ve been interested in Psychology for years, so it just seems like the natural course to take in my studies. I want to help people as much as possible, and learning about what makes a person ‘tick’ is a really interesting concept to me. And as many of you know, I love to write, and so I think minoring in Creative Writing is an excellent choice.


So, what is/was your major/minor in college/university? Why did you choose it? Is your current career in that field, or something similar?

Hope you all have an awesome week! xxoo


Chapter 168: What Would Happen If We Didn’t Go Against The Grain?

Happy Wednesday!

After learning about Prosocial Behavior in class I was left with a few unanswered questions and thoughts. In my textbook, it says “the motivation behind socially desirable behavior can be used to gain acceptance and approval from others”. While this is true in a sense, it seems to be a reversible idea. If someone does something that goes against the social norms, and others reject and disapprove of it, is that person in the wrong? Does that mean just because a few people didn’t accept it, that the person should just give up that behavior or idea? In some cases, the best ideas have come from people who have gone against their social norms. For example, if Galileo Galilei hadn’t questioned the established views and  theories regarding the Solar System, would we still believe that the Earth is the center of the Solar System? (Which by the way, it isn’t). 

If he had just continued to conform to the existing social norms, would we have ever discovered the truth? Does that mean that if those people had blindly gone along with the social norms and had not questioned their constructs, what would the world be like today? Would we all simply believe what we are told, because we had been taught not to question? And if someone were to go against the grain, how would we react to their non-conformity?

I don’t know what it would be like to live in a society like that, but my belief is that if people don’t test their limits, how will they ever know what life outside of the “boundaries” is like? 

Sorry for the extra long post today, it was a thought that has been in my mind all day, and once I started typing, I couldn’t stop!

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