Tips For When You Need To Get Out Of Bed

  • Don’t.
  • If you absolutely have to, make a fort out of the blankets on your bed and hide from reality.
  • If this does not work, ask a friend or family member to help you get up.
  • Warning: Depending on your relationship with those people, they may use devious tactics. I’m talking about loud music, ice-water, screaming and/or singing off-key. All of these have happened to me, so be careful about who you ask.
  • If you shower in the morning, you run the risk of falling asleep while in there. I recommend starting your day with an ice-cold shock. ‘
  • While getting dressed, make sure your clothes aren’t inside out/backwards. This goes for undergarments and socks as well.
  • As you stumble into the kitchen, caffeine in any form is an excellent choice. How much you choose to consume is up to you.
  • Make you sure you put on matching shoes. Not only will you be more comfortable, you won’t run the risk of injuring yourself
  • Finally, as you make it outside, realize that what you can put off for today may be done tomorrow, and go back to bed. Sweet dreams!


What To Do When You’re Supposed To Be Working

1. Write this post. Seems simple enough.

2. Make coffee/tea/your hot beverage of choice. Nothing says procrastinating like downing a large amount of caffeine.

3. Clean your living area. This is particularly good for avoiding work if you’re a messy individual.

4. Watch Netflix/Hulu/random YouTube videos/TV programs. It’s like eating Pringles, you can’t only eat/watch one episode.

5. Look at the assignment(s) that you’re supposed to be completing. That way, you can at least say that you’ve looked at what you should be doing.

6. Make plans for the week ahead.

7. Cook/bake. This is definitely a time- waster, especially if you’re not the best of chefs.

8. Text anyone and everyone you know. Hopefully someone else is avoiding their own work.

9. Exercise/Take a Shower. Both are good for you, and extremely effective time-killers.

10. Wake up the next morning and scramble to complete your work on time. Bonus points if you’re late to class/job because you were printing your work.

Chapters 140 & 141: Procrastination & Illness

Happy Thursday!

I’ve probably mentioned in previous posts that I love to procrastinate. Especially when it comes to studying. However, since I’ve been sick (but almost recovered) for the past few days, my procrastination has been working at full force. Which normally is alright, until I remember that this upcoming week is midterms….and then my procrastination begins to turn into panic.

Hopefully, I have enough energy and mental willpower to get through this next week, because otherwise, I’ll be panicking in full force instead.