I Want To Be WordPress Popular (Don’t You?)

Happy Friday!

Everyone wants to be liked, it’s simply human nature to want to be loved and liked by our peers. And sometimes we use different means to become liked, such as writing a blog that people read and enjoy.

But even if you’ve had some success, you’ll always want more, or want what you can’t have, simply because you feel the need to be more liked and respected.

Some people make blogging look easy, just type a few words about a popular subject, maybe add a cute photo or two, post and watch their notifications pile up. I sometimes wish that could be me, that more people would like and comment, and I know it’s a little s
elf-obsessed, but I feel that everyon, regardless has had the same wish sometime in their life.

Maybe the more we work to achieve this “popularity”, the less likely we are to obtain it. But it still would be nice, if only for a day.

So, what do you think about achieving success and popularity? I can’t wait to see what you have to write.

Have a great day!