Chapter 2: Can We Do It?

It’s now Wednesday, exactly at midnight. It’s the very start of Day 2, and I’ve spent the last few hours thinking over my (very) recent decision to create this …journal (appropriate name I think).

This is my plan: To everyday write a post or upload a photograph/video/random thing, for all 365 days of this year. My current thought is, can I actually carry through with a plan for once in my life?

But enough about my thoughts on my 365 Chapter Plan.

Instead, I’d like to hear from you (even though there’s not a lot of you), about what iss your plan that you’re determined to try to carry out? It can be as simple as getting more sleep, or maybe something bigger, something that you’ve never told anyone before. 

Do you think I/We can achieve it? I guess only time (we do have a fair bit of it after all) will tell.

All my love ❤