Chapters 104 & 105: Pandemic and Classes

Double post today, sorry about missing yesterday, I’m chalking it up to laziness. 

So I just won my first game of Pandemic, and while it’s a fun game, I also found it to be extremely stressful. Also about stress, tomorrow I will be attending the first lessons of 2/4 classes, so I’m a bit nervous and not sure what to expect. I’m hoping for the best though, and I’m hoping they’ll go well.



Chapter 63: Frazzled Over Finals

Happy Monday!

This week’s set of posts (and possibly next weeks too) will be shorter than usual. This is because it’s nearing the end of the fall semester, which means final exams are coming up. Normally, I’d be more calm and collected about it, but it’s different from taking finals in high school, so naturally, I’m a bit less calm and not collected at all.


Chapter 44: Essay Woes

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s going to have a bit of a shorter post, due to my (terrible) procrastination of writing an essay. This essay also happens to be due tomorrow afternoon, but fortunately  I’m almost at the end! Now if I could just get off Facebook and YouTube, maybe I would’ve been done five hours ago…

How do you like to procrastinate? Hope you’ll eventually get some work done? (like me today) Or just make something up at the last possible moment so you won’t look bad in front of your professor?

Have a great week! xxoo