Chapter 58: Italian Anyone?

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I studied for an Italian quiz that I have tomorrow. That’s pretty much it for what I did today, nothing new or exciting to share with you. At least now, instead of being hunched over my textbook with all of my notes scattered around me on the floor, I’m sitting upright and simply reviewing. Which is great for my back, but still exhausting for my brain and my eyes. Anyone know what the Italian translation is for “I need a break”?

Hope you all have a great week! 



Chapter 54: At Home & Doing Work

Happy Saturday!

Today, with one day left of my break from school, I spent the day doing homework. You’d think that going home for Thanksgiving would mean that professors would ease up a little in order for us to spend time with our families, but no. In fact, not only did I have several assignments to complete that are due within the first 2 days I get back, I also have gotten several reminders about upcoming final exams.

Hopefully when the next break rolls around, maybe the amount of work will roll away too.