Chapter 169: Instrumental Music

Happy Thursday!

In past posts, I’ve talked about how music is an extremely important part of my life. Today, it’s become a bigger part, but not because I’m in a rotten mood, but because I’m happy. For the past few days, I’ve been in a pretty good mood (despite the colossal amount of work), and today, I’ve found a type of music that has boosted my mood even higher. Instrumental music, which means I’m listening to songs without words, and without vocals. It’s a simple genre, but it’s one of my favorites. 

Hope you all have a great Friday!

Image xxoo

Chapter 24: Rain, Rain, Gloomy Day

The sky outside is a dull shade of dark grey, and currently, the campus is feeling the same way. Everyone I see seems to be sad or angry about something, their moods matching the sky’s color perfectly. It’s no fun when it’s cold and bleak outside, it seems to put the people who are looking up at it in a bad mood, which isn’t the normal way for the campus to act.

What do you like to do on cold, bleak days? xxoo

Chapter 18: Musical Moods

Happy Friday!

Today, I get to attend a music concert at my school, and even though it’s because I’m required to go for a class assignment, I’m still excited that I’m going. The upcoming week is going to be a tough one for me, both personally and academically, so this concert will hopefully give me a chance to just relax and listen to the music, without having to worry about school and life. It’ll be a chance for me to escape, if only just a little while.


So, this weekend, despite all of my concerns, I’m also planning to escape for a bit and just listen to the music. xxoo