Chapter 279: End Of June, Day 30 & Fun

Happy Sunday, and Goodbye June! 

This month has gone by so quickly, with the start of work, this challenge, and the beautiful weather! It feels like I haven’t been home for that long, but it’s been almost two months now, which is crazy! 

Today, I woke up to a beautiful view of New York, and then went to go meet some of my college friends to go to the NYC Gay Pride Parade! It was so much fun, despite the sweltering weather, and there was an insane amount of people that came out to celebrate! SO many fun costumes and colorful-ness. Twas a very fun day!

Anyway, only two more Challenge days! I feel like once I’m done, I’ll have to think of witty and creative things to write about…yikes.


Today is Day 30 (holy guacamole) and the challenge is: “What’s In Your Makeup Bag?”

Makeup, obviously 🙂

Here are a few major things I keep in my makeup bag:

  1. Eye makeup (Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadow)
  2. Blush/Bronzer
  3. Foundation/Concealer/Powder
  4. Lip Balm/Gloss/Stick
  5. Q-Tips
  6. Primer

Those are a few things in my bag, although for specific things, I have extra items 🙂

Day 30 is Completed! Only one more to go, I’m excited! 

So, what do you keep in your makeup bag? And if you don’t have one, what would you put in one?

Have a great weekend! xxoo