Chapter 241: Anniversary

Happy Wednesday!

Today, this post is dedicated to my parents. My wonderful, loving, amazing parents, who today are celebrating their 25th (!) wedding anniversary. My parents started dating on April 1, 1979, and were married on May 29, 1988. It’s amazing to see them together after all of these years, they are two of the most generous, kind-hearted, funny people I know, and my sister and I are lucky to have them as our parents.

So today, this post is all about them, because for the past 18 years, their lives have been about our family. They inspired me to create this blog, and have supported and encouraged me throughout. They have cared for me and loved me, even when I was not kind to them. They are so loved by family and friends, and I am so lucky to have two of the best parents in the world.

I hope one day, I can have a marriage that is just like theirs, because they are two of my role models for who I’d like to grow up to be.

So Happy 25th Anniversary Mom & Dad! I love you! xxoo


Chapter 239: Very Versatile

Happy Monday (again).

So, the amazing, talented, awesome (etc.) Franny nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award (YAY!). Thank you so much for nominating me, I cannot thank you enough. xxoo


Here are the rules:

1. Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post (Check!)

2. Thank the person (or mythical being) who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post (Check, and thank you again!)
3. Share seven things about yourself (Check x7!)

4. Pass the award along to 15 favourite bloggers. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award. (Check x15!)

Ok, seven things…this shouldn’t be too difficult, right? 🙂

  1. My favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip (YUM)
  2. I have one sister who is 6 1/2 years younger than me
  3. When I was younger, I wanted a pet Koala
  4. When I’m home alone, I love to blast music and dance around my house like a nut
  5. I still sleep with a teddy bear named Mr. Bear (Creative…I know)
  6. When I’m bored, I like to read cookbooks
  7. Finally…when I’m older, I would love to be a mom. 

So for my 15 bloggers, they are…(drumroll)

  1. Iamrcc
  2. Creative Mysteries 
  3. goddesslyv 
  4. The Citizens of Fashion
  5. smilecalm
  6. jack joseph’s mom 
  7. HarsH ReaLiTy
  8. Veraconica
  9. gpicone 
  10. Parenting And Stuff
  11. Artist As Mother 
  12. Toemail
  13. raybarnhart1968
  14. jacquelinemhadel
  15. pretty pen and paper 

Ta Da! There you have it ladies and gentleman! Thank you again for nominating me. 

Have an amazing, wonderful day! xxoo


Chapter 235: Hello Again, & Writing

Happy Friday (Again)

I realized that I wanted to share another piece of writing! This piece is a short story I wrote about 2 years ago, and I was thinking about it today. Let me know what you think, I hope you like it!

Have a great day! xxoo

Vinyl Thoughts

He shouldn’t have been staring at her as she wandered around the store. It was impolite to stare. He should be continuing to do his job, restocking and organizing vinyls that lined the shelves of the small record shop. He couldn’t afford to be distracted; he needed this job to pay for his college tuition. But she was just so…beautiful. 

I wonder what her name is? Maybe I could ask? I could ask if she needs help with finding anything, and then start a conversation…NO! I have to do my job, otherwise no education! Dad said that you were nothing without a good looks or a good education, and he always said that I’m not handsome, so I’d have to get a good education to make up for it. I can’t risk being distracted.

Focusing back on his task, he willed himself not to look over in her direction until he was finished. He quietly worked his way around the store, the stack of vinyls in his arms wavering precariously with each step. Yes! Almost done, I just have to put these last few away and…

He suddenly had a view of the cracked white ceiling, and a throbbing pain in his dark-haired head. Realizing he was on the floor, he dazedly looked around to what had made him end up on his back. He groaned when he saw the vinyls scattered and broken around his body. Oh no. Polly is going to KILL me! How did I even end up down here? Damn, this is gonna take awhile to clean up…I’ll have to pay for it out of my paycheck…CRAP.

“I am SO sorry!” A musical voice broke into his thoughts. Where’s that voice coming from?

Attempting to sit up, he realized the voice was coming from the beautiful girl. She was also sprawled out on the floor, her arm propping her up slightly. Her blond hair was escaping the confines of her ponytail, strands of gold getting in the way of her dark blue eyes. His own hazel eyes staring wide-eyed back at her, he put the pieces of the situation together.

SHIT! I must have run into her! Now she’ll hate me, and make me pay for the pain I caused. I can just see my college tuition fade away now…Dad will just love the chance to get drunk and yell at me for not living up to the family standards, why I couldn’t be like my older brothers, that he’d wish I’d never been born, that I was an “accident”.  I can’t believe I ran into her! I wonder if she’s alright…and I really need to STOP STARING.

           Snapping out of his thoughts, he saw that she held a teasing smile on her angelic face. He nervously smiled back. Still grinning, she opened her mouth.

“You know, it’s considered impolite to stare.”

Chapter 225: Inspiration

Happy Tuesday!

I’m happy to announce that this weekend, I’ll be helping my dad set up his own blog! I’m really excited, because I can’t wait to see what he posts, and because it’s a way for us to connect while I’m away at school. Blogging has become a big part of my life these past few months, and it means a lot to know that I’ve inspired someone to start their own blog. Especially because that person is my dad, who I love and look up to. 

I’m hoping though that he won’t post embarrassing stories of me….that would be awkward. But that’s what parents do sometimes I guess! 

So, how do you inspire others? Or, how would you like to inspire them? I like to show people what I write/blog, in order to help them understand why I do it. Sometimes I share funny stories to get them interested. 

Have a great week! 

Image xxoo 

Chapter 223: Mom, I Love You (In Case You Didn’t Know)

Happy Sunday (again)

Because it’s Mother’s Day, I wanted to write a special post thanking my mom. In my life, she is the most amazing and loving person, who is always there for me when I need her. I love her so much, and although sometimes I may not show it, I really do care. She has done so much for me, and she’s one of the reasons I write this blog. I owe her so much, and I even though I know this might not even cover it, I hope she knows how truly loved and special she is.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother is the world! Thank you for everything, and I hope one day, I can be as wonderful as a mother as you are for me. 

All My Love. xxoo


Chapter 217: Sitting In An (Almost) Empty Room

Happy Wednesday!

Final Exams? Done. Packing? Almost Done. Being Ready To Go Home? Not yet. 

Even though all of the hard work is over for the year, I still feel exhausted and overwhelmed. But this time, it’s because I know tomorrow I’ll have to leave my friends and school to head back home for summer vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be going home, but now that I’ve completed my freshman year at college, it feels like it went by so quickly.

When I first started college, I was scared, excited, nervous, etc. I hoped I’d be able to make friends, and enjoy my classes. But I never expected to feel so loved and accepted from the second I moved in. My friends are absolutely amazing, and it’s an awesome feeling to know that I’ll still see some of them while I’m at home. I enjoyed my classes, and found a subject (Psychology) that I’m in love with, which is amazing. It went by so quickly, and I’ve changed so much over the course of this year.

I went from a girl who feared she would have a hard time fitting in or not being able to find her passion, to a girl who has amazing friends, and a blog where she gets to share her thoughts and feelings to the world. I couldn’t ask for a better year, and I want to thank you all for being on this journey with me (cheesy, I know.) It means so much, and don’t worry, I’m not leaving anytime soon 🙂

The summer just means the start of my next chapter, and I’ll make sure to keep up with a semi-regular schedule. 

So, what do you love about summer? Personally, I love the warmth, not having to wear shoes, flowers and playing outside.

Hope you all have an amazing week!

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Chapter 216: Friends Make Everything Better

Happy Tuesday!

Do you ever have days where you feel like bursting out into tears? Like nothing you say or do is right, that you’re a failure and you’ll never be successful? Earlier today, I was having one of those days, and I didn’t think it’d get better. But then I went to dinner with a group of my friends, and I found myself smiling and laughing with them, my bad mood immediately disappearing. It was so amazing, because minutes before I was in tears, and then I was joking and chatting away like nothing had happened. 

And then I realized, while everyone has bad days, sometimes they get better when you’re around people you care about. Even if it’s a simple “hello”, or a long talk, friends make a lot of the bad things go away. Friends keep you from sinking, they make all of your fears and sorrows go away with a few words, a joke, or a hug. And friends can come in all shapes and sizes, from places far away, or close by. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, one is enough. If you have one person you can go and talk to, or share a smile with, it’s enough to make any bad mood disappear.

So, what do you like to do with your friends? Personally, I enjoy going on walks, playing games, watching movies, or just hanging out! Also, if you ever feel like you need a friend to talk to, I’m always here with a smile and an open ear. Just message me, and I’ll be there, I pinky promise 🙂

I hope you all have a great week! 

Image xxoo

Chapter 214: Windows

Happy Sunday!

As you can guess from this posts’ title, I’ll be writing about windows. Windows are a large part of our everyday lives. We use these sheets of glass to look outside, to explore our environment. We cover the windows to block out light or things we’d prefer not to see. We use them to breathe in fresh air, or close them to avoid odors. We look at the people outside, perhaps wishing we were in their postion, or instead feeling safe inside. We use windows to stare out of while daydreaming in class, or to allow ourselves a brief reprieve from studying. We open them up to let in the sun, or close them against the rain. We look outside to see the beauty, or hide from whatever is out there. 

There’s a saying that “the eyes are the window to the soul”, but, the question is, do we want to look inside/outside? Or do we want to close the window shut, to hide away from what we fear? Windows are simply large glass sheets, yet how we use them makes them so much more complex and important. 

So, what do you think about windows? (Lame question, I know, but forgive me, I’ve been in the library studying for the past few hours :))

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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Quick Note #2: 100 Views (YAY!)

Happy Saturday (yet again!)

SO, sorry to bug you all with these updates, but I’m quite excited! So following up my 1,500 overall views, today I also recieved my 100th view (for one day!)

HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE! You all are absolutely amazing, and I cannot thank you enough. I’m currently in my school’s library, but if I wasn’t, I’d be jumping up & down cheering.

So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, and once again, have an amazing weekend!

Image All My Love, xxoo

Quick Note: 1,500 Views!


So this is a quick note (obviously), with the exciting news that I’ve hit 1,500 overall views on my blog! WOOO HOOOO. Holy guacamole, that’s awesome, and thank you all so much for helping me get this far. It means a lot that you all support my blog, and it’s amazing to be able to share my thoughts with you.

SO, thank you! 

Image xxoo