Thanks Mom and Dad, For Everything.

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of becoming part of the latest class of college graduates.

But as I walked across the stage to receive my diploma, I realized something.

Even though I was the one who was graduating, there was no doubt that without the support of my friends and family, I wouldn’t have been graduating at all.

In particular, there are two people whom without their support and love, I wouldn’t have even existed to get to walk across that stage.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, those two people are my parents.

My mom and my dad are two of the most amazing people in my life, and I’m going to tell you why.

My parents have always been there for me, from Pre-K to college, and have stood by my side through the impossibly tough times. They tried for years to have a child, and when I finally was born, did everything in their power to make sure I would be okay.

They’ve taught me some of my most valued lessons and have helped teach me right from wrong. They’ve taught me to always help others when I could, and the importance of giving, especially when others have nothing.

My parents have dealt with my 2 AM anxiety-filled phone calls and constant questions about how to be an adult.

My parents sometimes struggled to help get me through college, all while working full-time and raising my sister too.

My parents taught me to work hard, but to also take the time to relax and have fun. They’ve taught me that if I have an idea or a dream, I should work as hard as I can and that it will be possible.

They’ve taught me to love pizza, disco, old movies and “All In The Family”. They’ve taught me what true love looks like after 37 years of being together.

My parents are my role models, and there is no doubt that without their love and support, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

So thank you, Mom and Dad, for everything you’ve done, and everything you will continue to do.

I love you.


What To Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed. 

10) Try to relax/take some time to take care of yourself. You won’t be able to get anything done if you’re too stressed.

This means taking a few seconds to stretch your body, read a post from your favorite blogger (wink wink), jam to your favorite song, shower if you need too. Whatever gets you out of your head, and relaxing.

9) Make sure you get some sleep. Being exhausted won’t help you at all.

Even if it means quick power naps, or a full night’s sleep, do what you can t0 make sure you’re in the best possible mindset to work.

8) Make sure you eat. If you’re hungry, nothing will get accomplished.

And don’t try to insist that “you’re too busy to eat.” Take 5 minutes, grab a bar, a fruit/vegetable, anything that can keep you nourished, and enjoy. Trust me, your body (and mind) will thank you.

7) Try to make a to-do list for what you need to accomplish.

Get out a spare notebook, a piece of paper, a whiteboard…anything you can write on and something that you won’t forget to check.

6) Accomplish the little goals, that way you won’t be distracted when you try to work on the bigger ones.

For example, take a minute to send an email or make an appointment (small goal), then work on your huge project.

5) If you need help with a task, ask for it.

Whether it’s friends, family, your work partners, your boss/professor. If you have questions or are confused, ask for help.

4) Try to avoid procrastinating.

Speaking from a lot of experience here, try not to procrastinate. It’ll only make you more stressed and overwhelmed, which isn’t what you want. Trust me.

3) If something doesn’t work out, move on.

Maybe you failed an exam, or forgot an appointment or a meeting that you were supposed to attend. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t do, try to move past it and onto the next task. The past isn’t something you can change.

2) Try to get outside if you can.

Taking a few deeps breaths of fresh air can do great things, even if you only have a minute to spare. Fresh air beats stale inside air any day.

1 ) You’re not going to always be overwhelmed.

Sure, you’re overwhelmed now, but there will come a time where all of the stress and anxiety will go away. So instead of panicking about what you have to do, keep in mind that it won’t always be this way. You can do it, I believe in you.

What To Do When It’s The Holidays

10. Make sure to avoid malls, Times Square, or any major place, unless you like large crowds.

9. If possible, celebrate with friends and family. No matter what holiday you celebrate, being with people you care about is always a nice time.

8. Be prepared for lots of holiday greetings (i.e., “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, etc.)

7. Similarly to number eight, expect holiday cards from almost everyone you know. Even your odd second cousin or old family friend that you haven’t talked to in years.

6. Wear comfortable clothes (if possible). I personally have never understood why people dressed up if they are only hanging out in their own home. You’re home, wear pajamas and be comfortable.

5. Do good for others. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, donate clothes and toys, the options are endless.

However, this should in no way be limited to the holiday season. Try to help others who are less fortunate all year round if you can.

4. Remember, the holidays aren’t really supposed to be about how much money you spent, or how many gifts you received. It’s supposed to be about celebrating your holiday (whatever it may be) with others.

3. If you can’t be with family or friends this holiday season, try to celebrate as best as you can. Even if your home life isn’t the best, know that someone cares for you. I care for you.

2. If you have leftovers, try to donate to your local shelter. They’ll definitely appreciate it. Or donate it to someone you know would benefit from it. OR share them with family and friends!

  1.  Have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!


Chapters 419, 420, 421, 422, 423, 424, 425, 426, 427, 428, 429, 430, 431, 432, 433, 434, 435, 436, 437, 438, 439, 440, 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449, 450, 451 & 452

Happy Sunday!

I apologize for not posting for weeks, and I don’t have a reason this time.

To be fair, I’ve been pretty much neglecting everything because of all of the work I’ve had. But I’ve been home since last week, so that’s definitely not an reason to avoid blogging.

I don’t know why I avoid it…I love doing it, I love communicating with all of you, I love hearing your opinions and ideas, and I love to write?

SO…what’s the problem?

What do you do when you feel like avoiding something you love? Why do you avoid it?

I’m sorry again for not posting, but hopefully I’ll get my mojo back soon!

Have an amazing day!



Chapters 387, 388, 389, 390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398, 399 : Death

Happy Wednesday! 

I know I just posted something a few minutes ago, but I really wanted to talk about something that happened to me today.

Today, my dad called me and informed that a close family friend had died. Technically, it was my “uncle’s” (he’s not related to me) mother. Even though they weren’t related, I did grow up knowing this person and spending time with her and her family. It was devastating to hear, and I can’t imagine how her family feels. Her grandsons are like brothers to me, and it pains me to hear their voices and hearing them sound so upset.

I want to comfort them in any way I can, but there’s only so much I can do to help. I wish I could physically care for them, but I’m stuck at school. I’m really at a loss for what to do…how do you deal with death, even if you know it’s inevitable. How do you help those who are affected, and how can you help them through this tough time?

What does death mean to you, and how do you cope with it?

Love you all!


Chapters 367, 368 & 369: Weekends

Happy Sunday!

I know I said in my last post that I would post on Friday, but obviously, that didn’t happen. So I’ve decided to post today instead!

So, it’s the weekend. More specifically, it’s the last day of the weekend, which is sad. Having time to sleep in and hang out is great, and it feels like you need to cram in as many fun activities as possible before your free time is over. And that’s bittersweet I think. On one side, you get to spend time with your loved ones, doing fun or relaxing things, or maybe just catching up on work or your programs.

The weekend is a way to spend your time doing what you want to do, and spending time with whom ever you want!

So, what do you like to do on the weekend? 

Have an awesome weekend! xxoo

Chapter 307: Space

Happy Sunday!

I’ve always loved stars. I mean the actual stars in the sky, not celebrities. The clear sky is a stunning picture of past places and future explorations. Stars are simple, pure things of light, new and old. Full of wild stories and beauty. They make up pictures for us to point and stare at. The pictures show the epic tales of heroes, of lovers, of life.

I also love space overall. The planets, perfectly lining up with the sun, each spinning at its’ own pace, taking its’ trip around the burning, fiery sun. And I still believe Pluto is a planet, and it always will be in my heart, because otherwise, a huge part of my childhood would be incorrect, and I just do not think I can accept that yet. Or ever.
And we as humans explore these places, wanting to know more, because we want to discover the unknown, the vast darkness. We fly rockets, spaceships and rovers from the Earth to try and explain what these planets and stars are, and we have a constant curiousity for what makes the planets and stars up, what makes them look and behave in the way that they do.

And sometimes, I wish I could look at the stars every night, because they are calming. Yet clouds and storms hide the stars from my eyes, and I rely on pictures to sate my hunger for the bright lights beaming down from the sky. But it’s never the same as seeing the real things in the dark, stunning sky.







So, how do you feel about space?

Have an amazing week! xxoo

Chapter 300: 300 & Old Posts

Happy Sunday!

So, as you can see from this title, this is my 300th post! (*confetti and cheers*). The fact that I’ve stuck with my blog is amazing, and I love getting to share everything with you all 🙂 Here’s to the next one hundred! 

When I realized I was reaching this milestone, it made me think of what I used to write about when I first started this blog. I had no idea of what I was getting into, and I started it mainly to vent about my life at college and my thoughts. I had no idea that I would fall in love with blogging, and the amazing community that came with it.

The first posts were short and sweet, and I look back on them with fondness. I used to like my posts, because no one else did!

I even remember when I received my first like, I was so excited that I did a dance in my dorm room (my roommate thought I was nuts). I’ve definitely come a long way since then, although sometimes I still will dance around my room!

So, I’ve come a long way since Chapter 1, and I’m looking forward to the future of my blog, and interacting with all of you.

Thank you for supporting me every day with your kindness and love, it means so much!

As for a question, why did you start blogging?

Have an absolutely amazing week! xxoo

Chapters 295, 296 & 297: Lovely Poems

Happy Thursday!

I apologize for not posting the past few days! Currently, the weather is humid, hot and icky. And according to reports, it’s only going to get hotter! 

I thought I’d share a poem with you, titled “What The Hour Hand Said To The Minute Hand”. The author is Megan Falley, and it’s one of my favorites 🙂


“What the Hour Hand Said to the Minute Hand”

By: Megan Falley

“At 7:35 A.M, you lay your tired body on mine
before peeling off, like a slow band-aid.

At 8:40 you sprint home and make instant coffee.

At 9:45 we finally drink it, cold.
I finish your leftover half.

By 10:50 you are already breathless.
I live for every time we overlap.

When 11:55 comes I spend the entire minute convincing you to stay. 
You never do.

By noon I put my hands on your shoulders and say, “Baby, 
you’re getting thin. All this running in circles and barely sitting down to eat.”

At 1:05 you tell me that while you were gone,
15,300 babies were born.

At 2:10 you don’t say a word,
just come in and kiss me for sixty seconds straight.

At 3:15 we sit quiet, listening to rain falling everywhere 
in the world at once: all 15,000 tons.

At 4:20 we pull a little from the tight joint I keep behind your ear.
You do not inhale.

At 5:25 you meet me for happy hour. 
My neck already salted, a lime wedged in my teeth,
a shot of tequila sitting on the bar.

At 6:30 I hear the ticking.
I count your heartbeat like seconds between thunderclaps.

By 7:35 I can see you in the distance, 
each second a tease until you drape over me. 
We always love quick and you never let me hold you.
I dream of drinking you through a straw.

At 8:40 you watch my beard grow 0.00027 of an inch.

At 9:45 we do not speak.
Too many people have died since we last met.

At 10:50 we pray for a meteor, 
at least a clumsy kid to spill sugar in our gears.

11:55 is my favorite.
We’re only apart for mere minutes.

But at midnight you’ll apologize sixty times
because it will always be like this.

At 1:04 AM I am already sleeping. 
It’s exhausting loving someone
who is constantly running away.

So, what do you think?

Have a great week! xxoo

Chapter 265: Dear Dad

Happy Sunday (again)

I just wanted to wish my father a very Happy Father’s Day, and since I know he reads my blog, I thought I’d write to him here. Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you!

June 16, 2013

Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day! I’m writing this letter to say thank you for everything, and to say that you’re the best father ever. Thank you for being so loving and caring, and for always being there for me. Thank you for believing in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. Thank you for supporting me, in my choices, my education, my style, even though we sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye. Thank you for raising me to be a good person, one who treats others well and who is kind. Thank you for laughing at my jokes, even when they’re not always funny. Thank you for spending countless hours editing my work, even though you don’t have to. Thank you for singing, even when we ask you to stop. Thank you for caring for Kate, Maddie and I, because no matter what, you are always there for us, and cheering us on. Thank you for fostering my love of reading (and staying up late to finish the 5th Harry Potter book). Thank you really isn’t enough, but I hope this letter shows you how much you mean to me! I love you so much, and Happy Father’s Day!

 xxoo, Samantha 

Have a great day! xxoo