What To Do When You’re Too Busy To Write A Blog Post

10) Read other peoples’ blog posts! Especially helpful if you have some free time/need inspiration. 

9) Try to not procrastinate on all of the work that you have to do.

8) Procrastinate anyway. Netflix is particularly useful for this.

7) Think about the blog posts that you want to write in the future when you’re less busy.

6) Give up and finally write a funny blog post discussing how you’re too busy to write a blog post. 

5) Realize the irony, and continue writing.

4) Take for granted the precious free time that you have by fooling around on social media and other distractions. 

3) Spend half of the night stressing over the work you procrastinated on, and realize you’ve somehow become much busier than before. 

2) Realize that the initial work that you had to do wasn’t really that much work at all.

1) Realize how busy you now are because of your procrastination skills and because you are definitely now too busy.