Chapters 119, 120 & 121: I Don’t Know What To Title This

Happy Thursday!

I’m on a adventure to find out who I am. Not literally of course, but it’s something I’ve been needing to find for a while, and I’ve been just missing the clues all along. It’s not an easy thing to find, your identity, it’s not something that’ll suddenly appear out of thin air. It’s a life-long search for it, an adventure to grow and reflect back upon over the years. One that characters come in and out of at different times, with only a few important ones in it for the long haul. 

You can’t really prepare for it, but even if you walk away for a little while, you’ll always find a way back to it, one way or another.

…But before my adventure can begin, I’ll have to find the correct path that leads to it.



Chapter 113 & 114: Who Am I?

Happy Friday!

One part of growing up is figuring out your identity, who you are, what role you play in society, and what you’ll do with it. For the past few years, it’s a question that I’ve yet to find any answer to. It’s like a grey cloud over my head, and above it are two choices; sunny skies or a rainstorm. 

And I don’t know which one to pick. Maybe it’ll take me until my death to figure it out, or it could be in the next minute or so…but until I get any idea of what/who I want to be, I’ll just have to keep exploring and searching for it.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Stay warm!