Chapter 29: Television Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Today was day two of cancelled classes due to Hurricane Sandy, and even though classes are set to resume tomorrow, I didn’t feel like doing any work today. So, I didn’t. Normally, if I had a day without classes, I would make a few attempts to start my work for the week, or study for a test. Today was the exception to my normal routine, and even though it was due to pure laziness, it felt awesome.

Hope you all are safe after the Hurricane.


Chapter 28: Hello Hurricane – Part Two

Happy Monday!

As I posted about yesterday, there’s been a forecast for a hurricane to hit the East Coast this week. Today, I can say that the forecast was predicted very accurately. My family has already lost power, and I have the sinking feeling that my school won’t be too far behind in following the blackout trend.

Sorry this post is a bit shorter than usual, but if I don’t lose power (knock on wood), then I’ll be sure to be up and blogging tomorrow!

Stay safe and keep dry! xxoo

Chapter 27: Hello Hurricane

Happy Sunday!

As many of you know, there’s been a forecast of a hurricane hitting the North this week, which not only includes my school, but my house as well. So far, classes haven’t been cancelled, unlike several other schools in the area and my schools’ back home, but here’s to hoping that I’ll wake up on a Monday morning only to find out that they’ve decided not to have classes. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

With the storm approaching  it means I may not have power, which in turn means no way of posting. If this does occur, know that as soon as the power flips back on, I’ll be back online and blogging away to make up for any lost time.

Have a great week, and for all of you who might be affected by Hurricane Sandy, stay safe!