What To Do When It’s The Holidays

10. Make sure to avoid malls, Times Square, or any major place, unless you like large crowds.

9. If possible, celebrate with friends and family. No matter what holiday you celebrate, being with people you care about is always a nice time.

8. Be prepared for lots of holiday greetings (i.e., “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, etc.)

7. Similarly to number eight, expect holiday cards from almost everyone you know. Even your odd second cousin or old family friend that you haven’t talked to in years.

6. Wear comfortable clothes (if possible). I personally have never understood why people dressed up if they are only hanging out in their own home. You’re home, wear pajamas and be comfortable.

5. Do good for others. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, donate clothes and toys, the options are endless.

However, this should in no way be limited to the holiday season. Try to help others who are less fortunate all year round if you can.

4. Remember, the holidays aren’t really supposed to be about how much money you spent, or how many gifts you received. It’s supposed to be about celebrating your holiday (whatever it may be) with others.

3. If you can’t be with family or friends this holiday season, try to celebrate as best as you can. Even if your home life isn’t the best, know that someone cares for you. I care for you.

2. If you have leftovers, try to donate to your local shelter. They’ll definitely appreciate it. Or donate it to someone you know would benefit from it. OR share them with family and friends!

  1.  Have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!


Chapters 162, 163, 164: It’s Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend, & I’m In The Library

Happy Saturday!

Based on the title, yes, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! (Well, tomorrow). And since I’m on a college campus, that means it’s a weekend full of drinking and partying. Personally, I’m not much of a drinker, and while I like parties, the ones that are going on are a bit too crazy for my liking.

And there’s the issue of having an exam on Monday, and two assignments due Tuesday. So even if I wanted to go out and party, my workload is threatening to crush me under it’s weight. Instead, I’m in the library finishing my work, because otherwise, I know I’ll never be able to focus and complete it (my dorm is currently filled with extremely loud drunk people). I don’t really mind though, because once I get this done, I’ll be free! Well, for the weekend anyway, because the next few weeks are overloaded with assignments and research papers.

Wish me luck, and have a safe & happy Saint Patrick’s Day! (Even if you don’t celebrate it!)

Irish_clover xxoo

Chapter 70: Gifts In The Midst of Studying

Happy Monday!

Similar to last week, I spent almost all of my day today studying. My final exams start tomorrow, and the pressure is on. But there was a bright spot in my cloudy information-filled day. I received several gifts from both a friend and also my roommate. The gifts they bought for me were actually several items I had my eye on, and my reaction the gifts were priceless.

They may of not realized it, but the gifts, and their friendship completely made my day, if not my week.