I’m Alive, and in Florence!

Happy Sunday !

It’s official folks, I am in Florence! I will be here for roughly the next 3 1/2 months. And I couldn’t be happier!

The jet lag/homesickness has been a little rough, but Italy is definitely making up for it with its amazing food and beautiful sights!

One thing I noticed throughout the course of the first week here is that no matter how old you get, going to new places can be scary. But seeing some familiar faces can definitely help any lingering doubts.

Also, take time to explore by yourself! Not at night of course, but I’ve found myself wandering around during the day, peeking into shops and seeing all of the touristy spots in the early morning hours.

And don’t be afraid to get lost! Seeing as I am directionally challenged, I’ve already managed to do this a few times, but it’s proven to be surprisingly fun; and a great way to explore the new environment that you’re in!

So I leave you with some first week pictures, and plenty more to come!

Have a fantastic week to come!