10 Reasons Why Finals Week Is Awful

10. You are trying to survive on 3 hours of sleep, maximum.

9. Your blood is made up of 95% caffeine. 

8. A large black coffee is your regular order. The servers also know you by name.

7. The library is your new best friend. And your new home. 

6.When even professors give up on teaching anything. 

5. Your to-do list looks more like a will. 

4. You’re not sure when you last saw daylight.

3. You live in your sweatpants. You may also not be wearing makeup. Both are acceptable options. 

2. Everyone around looks like they’re dead. And you know you look the same way, but you’re too tired to care. 

1.  When you want to cry from stress, but your eyes are too dry from starting at your computer screen for hours.

Good luck on your finals! 


Chapter 68: Turning Into A Hermit

Happy Saturday!

Today, I went out of my room a total of…2 times. Once to get breakfast, and the other for dinner.

Otherwise, I was holed up in my room for the day, with the result being the minimal amount of studying for my final exams completed. Yet, I feel oddly successful.

Let’s hope I get more studying done tomorrow.