Chapters 208, 209, 210 & 211: Packing

Happy Friday!

I apologize for not posting, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have final exams this upcoming week, so it’s been a bit chaotic lately. Also, I’m heading back home for the summer next week, which means I have to pack up my room. 

Packing. Putting things in a bag, and taking them to a new place. Leaving one place for another. Leaving an empty room behind, past memories, leaving everything for something new. Maybe the place you’re going is somewhere safe, somewhere familiar, maybe it’s home. Or maybe it’s a new place, a new start, a beginning. Maybe by packing, you’re packing up the past, and leaving for the new. Packing things, maybe for a little while, or leaving them packed forever. Empty walls tell a story, but so do the things you pack. Maybe it’s the end of the school year, you have too much in your living space, so you pack some to make room, or you’re moving to a new place…or maybe you want to forget the things you pack. But maybe by packing specific things, you want to save and remember them. 

Maybe it’s just clothes, or just a few books. Or maybe it’s everything personal and loved, or things you don’t want anymore. Packing can mean so many things, and yet, it can be as simple as throwing things in a bag, and shutting the door behind you.

Where are your favorite places to travel? Mine are England, California, Florida…and home. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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Chapter 71: Mentally Drained

Happy Tuesday!

Today was my first day of final exams…and taking two of my hardest subjects back to back was tough, not only for my stress levels, but for my mind as well. I’ve been trying to study as much as possible, and now the backlash has finally hit me. I’m sleep-deprived and my head is pounding. 

Luckily, my last exam is tomorrow afternoon, which gives me a chance to recharge and study tomorrow. If my brain is up to the challenge of course.


Chapter 66: The Start of Silence

Happy Thursday! And for students at my school, happy last day of classes for the semester.

Even though a lot of people are going out and celebrating their freedom from classes, a lot of them don’t realize that starting tonight, there’s going to be a “22 Quiet Hours” rule going into effect until final exams are over.

I’m expecting nothing but the worse, and a ton of drama. Fortunately, I have a ton of microwave popcorn to eat while I watch the drama unfold.


Chapter 63: Frazzled Over Finals

Happy Monday!

This week’s set of posts (and possibly next weeks too) will be shorter than usual. This is because it’s nearing the end of the fall semester, which means final exams are coming up. Normally, I’d be more calm and collected about it, but it’s different from taking finals in high school, so naturally, I’m a bit less calm and not collected at all.