What To Do When It’s A New Month

10) Try to remember what month it is. You may have forgotten. (It’s October)

9) Enjoy the season in which the new month is is. In this case, you get to enjoy the colorful season that is Fall!

8) If there are holidays that will occur during the new month. October = Halloween. (Yes, there are other holidays in October, but most people will connect October with Halloween. Also I just love Halloween)

7) For students (like me), you may have a fall break, and with that the opportunity go home. Enjoy your time, and make sure to bring home any laundry that you need to do. 

6) Break out your seasonal clothes. Also enjoy the change weather that the new month will bring. 

5) Find out about any promotions or deals that are happening this month. Very important if you are a student who lives off of Easy Mac, or you just like deals. 

4) Make sure to double check yourself whenever you write the new date. This is something I fall victim to often, so have a sharp eye. 

3) If you have a monthly calendar, time to change it! If you have a month-by-month planner, switch over to October. You’re welcome.

2) Go outside and celebrate the new month! There’s nothing better than exploring everything that October has to offer. 

1) Enjoy! And don’t forget to change your calendars, and your dates on paper! 


Chapters 370 & 371: October

Happy Tuesday!

And a very happy October to all of you! Only 30 more days until Halloween, which happens to be one my favorite holidays of the year!

October is an interesting month. It’s the beginning of fall, and it seems like everything begins to fall into place. The leaves change, the weather gets cooler, and people dress warmer. October is the beginning of the winter months, and we hold onto it dearly before the weather truly chills. Fall represents so much more than the seasons changing, it represents how we change as the season come and go, and what we choose to do while we are in them.

And you thought I’d be discussing the government shutdown, didn’t you? Well, I was planning to, but I figured this would be a lighter topic to discuss for today.

So, what is your favorite season, and why? 

Have an amazing week! xxoo


Chapter 21: Hello Fall

Fall happens to be my favorite season. I love it for all of the typical activities that accompany it, the leaves changing, the weather cooling, apple cider, etc.

However, what I love most about fall is the fact that everyone else does too. It’s nice sharing something so generic as a favorite season with a ton of other people, but it still makes me happy to know that people like it for some of the reasons that I do. It’s like a small connection between us, and I know it’s a small detail to share, but knowing that we have it is a great feeling.

Happy Monday! xxooImage

Chapter 15: Education Elation

As I talked about in yesterday’s post, I went back to school today after being home for a short break.

I’m also a bit lonely coming back, not only because I miss my family, but my roommate hasn’t returned back yet. While my room is like my second home here, it’s still always will feel a bit lonely every time have to sleep without anyone in the next across from me.

I expected things to change while I was away, but when I stepped into my room, it was like I had never left (except for the lack of clothes and the unmade bed). And that was an awesome sight to return to, knowing that I’ll always have my home with my family (and bed!), but to know that soon, this room…my room, at school will become my second home.

Happy Tuesday to all of you! xxooImage

Chapter 6: Cold Weather Doesn’t Make Everything Better

I hate the cold. I dislike cold weather, feeling cold, or even getting a cold. In short, I’m a warm weather type of child.

Today isn’t the exception to my dislike of the cold, instead, it’s a reaffirmation of just how much I dislike it. It makes my body ache and protest to leaving my warm bed in favor of the bitter chill that lies outside. I always feel like I can’t do anything right when I’m out in the cold, almost as if my brain is protesting the sudden climate change, and all my thoughts slow down as the wind rushes in my ears.

But sadly, the seasons must change, and soon winter will be upon us. And I guess I have no choice but to accept my freezing fate and try to thaw out my thoughts before they fully ice over. Fortunately, I have in abundance boxes of hot chocolate and blankets to help keep the cold at bay.

Hugs&(Hershey)Kisses to all of you!Image