Chapter 202: Life In A Library

Happy Wednesday!

As a college student, you tend to spend time in the library (some more than others). It’s a (usually) quiet place to sit and do work or study. However, during final exams, the library turns into a chaotic mass of stressed students vying for a seat in order to get some peace and solitude. 

It’s a crazy thing, but I guess in college, libraries aren’t just for checking out books anymore, there a place to socialize, to laugh, to study, and sometimes, even sleep. 

Hope you all have a great week!

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Chapter 71: Mentally Drained

Happy Tuesday!

Today was my first day of final exams…and taking two of my hardest subjects back to back was tough, not only for my stress levels, but for my mind as well. I’ve been trying to study as much as possible, and now the backlash has finally hit me. I’m sleep-deprived and my head is pounding. 

Luckily, my last exam is tomorrow afternoon, which gives me a chance to recharge and study tomorrow. If my brain is up to the challenge of course.


Chapter 70: Gifts In The Midst of Studying

Happy Monday!

Similar to last week, I spent almost all of my day today studying. My final exams start tomorrow, and the pressure is on. But there was a bright spot in my cloudy information-filled day. I received several gifts from both a friend and also my roommate. The gifts they bought for me were actually several items I had my eye on, and my reaction the gifts were priceless.

They may of not realized it, but the gifts, and their friendship completely made my day, if not my week.


Chapter 68: Turning Into A Hermit

Happy Saturday!

Today, I went out of my room a total of…2 times. Once to get breakfast, and the other for dinner.

Otherwise, I was holed up in my room for the day, with the result being the minimal amount of studying for my final exams completed. Yet, I feel oddly successful.

Let’s hope I get more studying done tomorrow.


Chapter 66: The Start of Silence

Happy Thursday! And for students at my school, happy last day of classes for the semester.

Even though a lot of people are going out and celebrating their freedom from classes, a lot of them don’t realize that starting tonight, there’s going to be a “22 Quiet Hours” rule going into effect until final exams are over.

I’m expecting nothing but the worse, and a ton of drama. Fortunately, I have a ton of microwave popcorn to eat while I watch the drama unfold.