Chapter 125: Autoethnography

Happy Monday!

So for one of my classes, I was required to write an essay about a media source that I use everyday. Of course, I wrote about this, my blog…and it was one of the more difficult topics for me to talk about. I really don’t like to talk about myself or what I do, so I felt awkward sharing it with my professor, although it’s only because I’m quite shy about it.

So, hopefully they like my essay, and if they ever come to see my blog…Hi! 

Hope you all have a great rest of your week, and thank you so much for liking & commenting!


Chapter 44: Essay Woes

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s going to have a bit of a shorter post, due to my (terrible) procrastination of writing an essay. This essay also happens to be due tomorrow afternoon, but fortunately  I’m almost at the end! Now if I could just get off Facebook and YouTube, maybe I would’ve been done five hours ago…

How do you like to procrastinate? Hope you’ll eventually get some work done? (like me today) Or just make something up at the last possible moment so you won’t look bad in front of your professor?

Have a great week! xxoo

Chapter 42: Writer’s Block (Essay Edition)

Happy Monday!

Do you ever have those days where you sit down to write an essay, and the second you put pencil to paper…nothing comes out? Your mind simply draws a blank, halting all chances of completing the essay, and frustrating you to no end.

This description is particularly accurate at explaining my current situation. I’ve been attempting to start (and hopefully finish) an essay that is due at the end of the week, with no success as of currently. It’s like my mind has been wiped clean of all essay topic related thoughts and ideas, and instead replaced with a blank slate.

Hope you all have an awesome week (hopefully without any signs of writer’s block!)