What To Do When You Join A Dating Site

10) Brace yourself for the potentially creepy and awkward moments that are coming your way. 

9) Try to keep an open mind about what could happen on the site. 

8) Pick your cutest profile picture and try to sound interesting in your bio. 

7) Or, just be brutally honest about yourself. Sometimes honesty is the best policy. 

6) Try to have an interesting conversation. Even if you don’t actually meet up with the person sometimes a new conversation can be exciting! 

5) If possible have a sense of humor about the whole thing! Everything is easier when you’re laughing about it. 

4) Depending on the dating site you use (and your own preferences), you may have a variety of people to sort through. This can be time-consuming, so if you want to commit to this seriously, you’ll need to make some free time. 

3) Note using a dating app while in public may be a little embarrassing. Especially when your notifications go off while in class or at work. 

2) You also may have to explain to friends and family why you joined a dating site. Be prepared for those conversations.

1) Have fun! Sometimes a dating site is a great way to meet new people. Or at least receive some interesting photos.