Chapter 95: Tears (Of Joy)

Happy Saturday!

Today, my family and I made someone cry. It was my uncle, and he cried because we gave him a present and card for his birthday. For as long as I can remember, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him cry until today. But his tears were tears of happiness and love, and the wet kisses & hugs we were given to thank us were totally worth it!


Chapter 8: Stress Test

Do you ever get so overwhelmed and stressed that you want to just burst out in tears? 

Well today, I actually did. Right in the middle of class, but fortunately, no one saw. I don’t know what set off my crying fit, but I have a good guess at one of the factors…stress.

Stress is one of the most, well stressful, things in life. It can make your moods fluctuate, it can make you feel like nothing can go right…it makes you feel absolutely awful. Stress is a thing that can make your day a complete and utter mess.

 But I guess stress is just another part of our lives that we have to deal with. Some people manage it better than others though, and to those people I say….How do you deal with all the stress? Personally, I try to calm myself down by listening to music and getting a chance to unwind, otherwise I’d probably be breaking down in crying jags in the middle of classes more often.